What Do Men Wear At The Gym?

BY: Carolyn Alterio |Dec 11, 2018

Women have choices galore when it comes to athleisure and workout clothes, but what about men? A glance around my local gym would suggest not, what with the bevy of cut-off sweatpants and plain cotton tees on display. These no-frill duds may be easy to throw on and go, but they offer little in terms of breathability or style. Luckily, if this reflects your wardrobe choices, you do have options. Swap out oldies with these customer-faves from Gymshark to step up your gym attire.

Ditch: DIY cut-offs | Buy: Sport Shorts, $26

Sport Shorts It's time to relegate those trusty cut-offs to lounging around the house only. When you hit the gym, opt for Sport Shorts to get that same range of motion minus the extra pounds of sweat weighing you down (mesh panels keep them breathable during marathon-stints on the treadmill).

Ditch: Baggy track pants | Buy: Gravity Bottoms, $52

Gymshark Gravity Bottoms Given their name, track pants may seem like a shoo-in for gym attire. However, their bagginess or heaviness could be hindering your workouts. Try swapping them out for Gravity Bottoms, which are lightweight, form-fitting, and stretchy; plus that two-tone panel design gives them a modern look.

Ditch: Revealing spandex tights | Buy: Fit Tapered Bottoms, $33.60

Gymshark Fit Tapered Bottoms While ideal for movability, those oh-so-revealing spandex tights aren't something you'll be wanting to grab lunch or run errands in after your workout. The Fit Tapered Bottoms provide a happy medium: they have a stretchy, tailored fit that's relaxed enough for pre- and post-gym wear.

Ditch: Plain cotton tees | Buy: Drop Arm Sleeveless Hoodie, $28

Gymshark Drop Arm Sleeveless Hoodie A cotton tee is bound to get soaked during workouts, as well as dingy after several bouts at the gym. Straighten up your look with the Drop Arm Sleeveless Hoodie, which keeps you cool with its lightweight fabric and generous cut around the arms.

Ditch: Shapeless sweatshirts | Buy: Crest Hoodie, $40

Gymshark Crest Hoodie Your old college sweatshirt may be keeping you warm, but it's not earning you any style points. The Crest Hoodie has you covered on both fronts with a contoured fit and super soft fabric you'll want to live in. Check out our Gymshark coupons page for deals on athletic wear for men and women.
This post was sponsored by Gymshark, but the opinions are my own.