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Men's Wearhouse Tuxedo Rentals That Aren't Basic Black

Jul 3, 2019

Just like a wedding dress, a tuxedo is a major investment for the big day. And the bride isn't the only one who wants to look good; the groom is going to be in half those pictures for the rest of his life too. So instead of buying a tuxedo for the wedding, many men turn to Men's Wearhouse for tuxedo rentals that are much less expensive than buying. The Groupon Coupons team sorted through Men's Wearhouse's stock to find wedding tuxes that are a step above basic black.

Dark Gray Tuxedo with Vest

Men's Wearhouse, Wedding Tuxedo Rental

The difference between dark gray and black may seem small, but in the fashion world it's huge. In terms of tuxedos, going gray is modern and fresh when compared to black. The lighter gray color allows the small details, like the satin trim around the lapels and the accessories, to stand out.

$189.99 TO RENT

Light Gray Tuxedo with Vest

Men's Wearhouse Gray Tuxedo Wedding Rental

This is the same tuxedo as above but in a lighter dove gray. It's perfect for a summer wedding with a lighter-toned color scheme. It will match especially well with blush or pastel bridesmaids dresses.

$189.99 TO RENT

Classic Tux with White Dinner Jacket

Men's Wearhouse White Tuxedo Jacket Wedding Rental

Swapping out a black jacket for white is extremely chic. The crispness of the white adds an extra air of formality, even if traditionally men did not supposed wear white jackets after sundown. It's also an easy way to make the groom stand out among a sea of similarly attired groomsmen.

$114.99 TO RENT

Dark Blue Suit with or without Vest

Men's Wearhouse Blue Suit Wedding Rental

This one is not technically a tuxedo, but it looks just as good whether you wear it with a vest or without. The tailored fit and lux navy blue are crisp, clean, and classic, especially with dark accessories. The color especially pops against the white of a wedding dress, pink bridesmaid dresses, and bright flower arrangements.

$179.99 TO RENT


Tuxedo Rental Questions


  • What's the difference between a tux and a suit?
    • A tuxedo has satin trim along the lapels, buttons, and side seam of the pants. A suit traditional does not.
  • What's the difference between Slim, Modern, and Classic fit?
    • Think of fit as the tuxedo's "cut". That means that a Slim fit will be the most tailored to the body, including in the arms, legs, and waist. It will include a flat-front pant. The Modern fit will be slightly roomier throughout, especially in the waist. It also includes a flat-front pant. This is the style most men choose. The Classic fit is the most generously cut through the chest and waist and comes with pleated front pants for extra room in the waist and seat.
  • Tie or bow tie?
    • It's completely up to you. Wearing a bow tie has certainly become more common in recent years. It's also a great place to add a little personality to your look. A standard tie is slightly less formal.
  • Vest or cummberbund?
    • Again, it's completely up to you. Vests are much more prevalent with tuxedos and suits than they used to be. The benefit is that they look polished even when the jacket is removed. Cummberbunds are the more traditional choice though and look especially sophisticated with a white jacket.