Merchant Spotlight: Handy

BY: Carolyn Alterio |Dec 11, 2018

It's almost magical, that first day of spring when you can finally open the windows and let the fresh air in. But as good as those warm breezes feel, they also make you conscious of all the dust mites lurking around the house. This year, instead of dragging out the mop and bucket, why not leave the spring cleaning to the professionals? It'll save you time so you can actually go out and enjoy the weather.

Meet Handy

Available in most U.S. cities, Handy employs a fully vetted team of insured professionals who arrive at your doorstep to clean your home. They bring their own supplies, you choose the day and amount of cleaning time (anywhere from 2–10 hours, depending on the size of your house). A downloadable mobile app makes it easy to keep track of appointments and make payments. In addition to cleaning houses, the team can also paint interior walls, install flat-panel TVs, assemble furniture, and perform other handyman services. And as if the time-saving convenience wasn't enough, you can now save 50% on your first cleaning with this coupon.