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How To Move On A Budget: Tried & True Tips

BY: Lauren Leffel | Dec 11, 2018

Moving can be such a drag and wildly expensive, especially if you live in a big city. But never fear! Here are some tried and true tips from the Groupon Coupons team on how you can move on a budget and still afford to go to the Tokyo 2020 games. 568777143_super_edited

When To Move

First off, timing. Try to move outside of the May-August window, but if you can’t, try to at least move on a weekday. Movers and trucks will almost always be cheaper and more available, plus more stores and banks will be open for the inevitable things you forgot.

Finding A Place

While the internet has become an incredibly helpful tool in finding a new place to live, there is a crazy misconception that having an agent or a broker is expensive for the buyer. Au contraire! Agents and brokers are often paid by the sellers or the management company, so if you’re a buyer, you’re in luck! This can work especially well if you have a specific building or company you want to live in or rent. Sites like Zillow can sometimes show you great deals, but they are also known for inflating prices or leaving out hidden fees. Not cool.

Save On Moving Supplies

A box is a box, right? WRONG. A wardrobe box for your wardrobe, a kitchen box for your kitchen, and a TV box for your TV. There are so many weird important boxes that you never knew were necessary! Here are the most affordable and best quality moving bundles.

Save On Movers

The cheapest movers are friends and family; but, if you have a rather unwilling bunch, Groupon has loads of deals (get it? loads?) on movers, trucks, storage, and more! Check them out.

Purging and Donating

Finally, the items to be left behind. The sweaters you haven’t worn since 2011, the desk you haven’t sat at since 1998: it’s time. Let them go, friends. Letting them go means less stuff to move, which means less time with the movers, which saves you money! Here are some places that you can donate to that will pick up your stuff for free. Don’t forget to get a receipt for your tax write-off. Happy moving!