Happy National Pet Day!

BY: Gayle Martin |Dec 11, 2018

Meep meep! My name is Kevin, and I'm a guinea pig. My mommy works for Groupon, so she asked me to make a list of all my favorite things to share with you. That's when I thought, Hey, my friends have favorite things, too! Why don't I ask them to chime in? 

So without further ado, here's a list of ALL our favorite things so you can treat your pets to some fun toys, yummy treats, and more!

Kevin the Guinea Pig

Kevin's Faves for National Pet Day

  1. My hideout looks like a real tree stump, and it's made of super hard plastic. That's great, because I LOVE to chew on the edges around the entrance, especially when I want my mommy to bring me some yummy carrots!
  2. This hanging toy was in my house for a long time, and I liked to jump up and make it knock against the wall and nibble on the edges. Then one day, my mommy accidentally broke it, and all the pieces fell apart. But now I like it even better! I like to toss them in the air, and I've even chewed a few so much, they're almost gone. Can I get a new one to destroy?
  3. And then there's my Critter Cuddler. It's my most favoritest thing in the whole world! When my mommy puts it on, I jump right in because I know it means LOTS of snuggles. And when it's on the floor in my playpen, I run through it like a tunnel!

Lola & Hippo the Dogs

Lola and Hippo

These two canines have nonstop fun with Duckworth!

First, they pluck out his squeakers before removing his stuffing. That's when they get to litter the floor with giant piles of fluff—it's the best! Finally, they carry his tattered remains around the house, allowing others to marvel at their destruction.

Fawkes the Race Horse

Fawkes the Race Horse

An off-the-track thoroughbred race horse, Fawkes is named after Dumbledore's Phoenix because his coat flickers like fire in the sun! But when he's in shows, he also goes by the name "Ramblin' Man."

When he isn't burning off steam by running around an arena, he loves long walks with his friends. He's also a big fan of being outside in all weather and getting muddy (because he also loves baths!). Fawkes can be super stubborn, but he'll melt in your hand if you groom him or treat him with his faves:

  1. On cold days, this blanket keeps him warm and cozy.
  2. His favorite treat is the molasses-flavored version of this tasty snack!
  3. After his bath with his favorite shampoo and conditionerhe likes to be dried with his sweat scraper. Then he shines like a phoenix with a nice coat of ShowSheen.
  4. And for that extra bit of grooming, Fawkes likes his hair braided with these leather bands and his face cleaned with this soft face brush.

Fozzie the Goof


Fozzie's a big bear...I mean, dog. When he stands on his hind legs, he's as tall as his mom! He has also been described as "pleasantly unremarkable," mostly because he's a typical dog and such a goof. 

  1. Case in point: Fozzie loves to tug on his leash and chase after smaller dogs while his mom takes him out for walks. That's why she got him a gentle leader. Don't worry—it's not a muzzle. It doesn't hurt a bit, and he can still open his mouth. It just helps him stay calm and saves his mom from having a sore shoulder all the time.
  2. A consummate dandy, Fozzie never leaves the house without his gentlemanly bowtie.
  3. And, of course, he would be lost if he couldn't gnaw on his Kong. He likes it because his mom fills it with peanut butter (yum!) and the tough rubber means he won't chew it up as fast. Which means more peanut butter (yay!) and more chewing!

Pip the Pup

Pip the Pup

Pip is an Italian greyhound and chihuahua mix who loves being comfortable and staying warm! His favorite things include...

  1. This little guy loves snuggling in fuzzy blankets.
  2. When he's not cuddled up at home, he's out exploring Chicago in his front pet carrier.
  3. And on a nice day, he can be seen walking along the beach in his life jacket.
Now it's your turn! What are your pet's favorite things? Let us know in the comments below!