National Puppy Day Savings

BY: Carolyn Alterio |Dec 11, 2018

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="796"] Happy National Puppy Day from my grey-faced, yoga-mat-loving 'puppy'.[/caption] To those going through the sharp-teeth, housetraining period of raising a puppy, this day is for you. To those with grey-faced, reluctant-to-move in the morning canine friends (we'll still call them 'puppies'), this day is also for you. Happy National Puppy Day! There may be a National Day for everything these days, but we'll still take these celebratory savings from pet-supply stores. So go ahead and pamper your pooch. After all, they're only a puppy a short while—a few decades or so, according to my math. Petco: Free shipping on $29+ orders with code PetSmart: Free shipping, no minimum!