The Sensible Neiman Marcus Gift For Her

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

It has become a yearly tradition for Neiman Marcus to release a list of something they call Fantasy Gifts for the holidays. The implication being that this is not a practical gift guide that one can follow to help you check off names on your "Nice List," but rather something to gawk at, maybe while at work. This year though, the curators at the eminent department store have decided to go in a different direction, as their "fantasy gifts" seem extremely sensible and practical. How else could we have found something for him, for her, and for the kids?

For Her

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Jewelry Gift for Her, Found on The Coupon Code Travel, jewelry, & dinner: A tour of Gemfields' emerald mine in Zambia with master jeweler Stephen Webster, a one-of-a-kind Stephen Webster piece made with a 7.2-carat emerald, and a private dinner with Webster and his wife ($300,000) While this gift would be a true dream come true for most people, there is one person for who this is an obvious necessity: my mother. If you have my mother in your life, look no further for a gift for the holidays (I, unfortunately, have already purchased my gift for her). She will, of course, appreciate the vacation to Zambia and the tour of the Gemfields' emerald mine, but what you really can't put a price on with this gift is the emphasis put on controlling and nitpicking a person's work. Here she'll be able to spend an entire day with Stephen Webster at his studio, supervising and criticizing his efforts to turn a 7.2-carat emerald into a gift that, when finished, will receive a cryptic response like, "you can certainly tell you put a lot of effort into this," or "who knew such a little gem would require a whole day's work!" After work, Stephen will then be contractually obligated to have my mother join him and his wife for a nice dinner, where she can express her thoughts on their marriage and test out the waters on possibly moving into the guest bedroom. Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts on The Coupon Code To purchase this gift, please call 1 (800) 966-4438. 

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