Newlyweds on a Budget

BY: cat |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post by Olivia Medley

One of the biggest obstacles newly married couples face is money. It can be difficult to go from budgeting for just one person to handling the financial concerns of two people. Not to mention, especially if the couple is younger, the marriage could be starting out with a lot of debt.

Fortunately, there are other newlyweds out there who are passionate about sharing their methods for getting out of debt and learning to balance finances as a couple. One couple in particular is Eric and Erika, who run the website . On it, they detail how they were able to pay off $45,000 in debt in just 45 months. They also write blog posts about how to do home projects on a budget, how to save money on everyday activities, and even how to make the most out of a budget-friendly vacation. According to the couple, there are definitely sacrifices that have to be made in order to save money and stay out of debt, but the rewards are worth it!

This couple is also big on lists. They keep an ongoing to-do list, bucket list, and a list of goals they need to complete before they reward themselves with a vacation or start a family. This method, which seems to have worked very well for them, is a big tip they offer up to their readers. It is inspiring to read their story. So check out their blog and start saving!