A (Not So Live) Live-Blogging of Apple's iPhone Event

BY: Joseph R |Dec 11, 2018

iphone x unveil                       Just like we said we would, we here at Groupon Coupons tuned in to live-blog Apple's big iPhone Event, held at their brand new Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park (which sounds like a really great name for a campus where nothing could ever go wrong!) Read on for our reactions to all the glorious product unveilings!   12:00 PM CST - Steve Jobs Theater Unveiling, Apple Park  Boy! This part was scary! When they played that recording of Steve Jobs over the speakers, we were SURE his ghost had finally come back to haunt us, and remind us iPhones were totally his thing, and how dare they set up this presentation without Ouija-ing him in first! But then it just turned out to be a touching tribute to Jobs' contribution to the company and the tech industry/human race in general, which was also great! And not nearly as spooky! From there, there was a lot of discussion about Apple Stores actually being called Apple Town Squares, which really just sounds like Apple is trying to move in on SimCity's territory. I guess when you're a company that perpetually innovates, you can't be afraid to move into new territory!   12:45 PM CST - Apple Watch Series 3 Unveil At first we were very confused, because Apple is on Watch OS 4, but releasing Apple Watch Series 3, and our team's resident Maths expert Reginald said something about how those numbers "weren't the same." But then conversation of cellular capabilities in your Apple Watch (and new band colors!) derailed our skepticism, and the Coupons team collectively asked our boss Sandra for a set of matching Apple Watches (she said no). We may at least try to buy one for our intern Skip, who could really use having a phone--or two--on him at all times.   1:15 PM CST - Apple TV 4K Was this at 1:15? We're not sure--our eyeballs melted out of our heads when Apple showed off their new Apple TV 4K, which meets the contemporary High Dynamic Range (HDR) standard and allows for a true 4K experience on your TV! You can even play games on it! What's especially cool is iTunes is going to start selling movies in 4K, and all past purchases in HD will be automatically upgraded to 4K quality (a good reason to check out any iTunes coupons, like a free 90-day trial + 50% off a subscription). Hope your eyeballs are ready to melt from all that visual goodness!   1:30 PM CST - iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus Reveal The iPhone 8/8 Plus  has everything that made the 7/7 Plus great--but better! So you'll still need an upgrade! The 8 comes with louder speakers, a new A11 chip, longer battery life, and even wireless charging! Which is ironic because...   1:35 PM CST to 1:50PM CST - ?!?!?!!?! ...our data guy, Andrew, reached for his charging iPhone, whose cord knocked his coffee onto our team's one and only computer! So, our live-blog couldn't be published at the same time as the live-stream! We punished Andrew by sentencing him to 10 hours of paper-coupon filing work, which he humbly accepted through tear-soaked apologies.....right after he fixed the computer. But, bet that'll teach you to rethink the practical familiarities of cords, WON'T IT, ANDREW?   2:00 PM CST - iPhone X Luckily, we rebooted old Blanche (don't you name your team's shared office computer?!) just in time to be greeted by a stranger from the future--one made of sleek, surgical-grade metal and lacking any sign of a home button. His name? The iPhone X. What sets the X (which is supposedly pronounced "ten", but we totally think it's closer to how famed early-2000s rapper "Xzibit" uses it) apart isn't just the Super Retina OLED display, or the lack of a home button or Touch ID, or the super cool name; it's the fact it comes with super-cute animated emojis you can map to your own facial movements!!! They're called "Animorphs", and we CANNOT wait to waste hours sending each other messages as unicorns when this iPhone X drops October 27th! What did you think of Apple's iPhone Event? Be sure to check out our coupon pages for merchants like Best Buy, Amazon, or eBay for the latest deals on everything Apple, iPhone, and beyond!