One Cent at a Time

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018


Achieving financial freedom is a goal for many households.  The burden of living from paycheck to paycheck can cause immense stress and turmoil.  One Cent At A Time offers encouragement and great practical advice for getting on the right financial track.

One Cent At A Time hosts a number of different financial topics, but Beautiful Life is especially engaging.  This section offers helpful tips on how to live a fulfilling life without blowing your budget.  The 201 Frugal and Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas post gives great gift giving advice and presents awesome ideas for all of the special people in your life.  This guide will definitely come in handy when you're needing a present in a pinch.

If you're looking for ways to become financially independent, than Becoming Rich is for you. Find helpful posts on how to change your thinking to become wealthy for life.  The Skipping Latte post is interesting as it takes a different look at the value and worth of clipping coupons and giving up non-essentials like lattes. Is the secret to financial success really saving just a penny here and there?

We’re always looking for extra ways to add to our regular household income.  Funding vacations, private school, and household repairs can become difficult when on a tight budget. One Cent At A Time gives great suggestions for ways to make a little extra cash.  Whether it’s through the internet or side jobs around the neighborhood, the opportunities for part-time work are out there.  Stop by Extra Income for a detailed description of these work opportunities.

OneCentAtATime gives great financial advice, from an expert who has learned to live debt free and achieve financial success. His passion for helping others achieve their financial goals is apparent in his many stimulating posts. The financial advice given is realistic, with doable tips that anyone can follow.