Opening Ceremony Watch Party: Shirtless Tonga Edition

BY: jolene |Dec 11, 2018

Today’s the day! The Opening Ceremony is tonight, which means the Games have officially begun. I know, it’s weird, it seems like they already started because there were events on TV last night (figure skating!) AND the night before that (curling!). But that was all a dream. Just kidding! They were real events, but they don’t really count because the Opening Ceremony hadn’t happened yet. But the real thing is tonight!

We here at Groupon Coupons are so pumped about the next two weeks, we got an insider to act as a guide to all the can’t-miss action over the next two weeks! His name is Pita Taufatofua, but you probably know him better as “shirtless Tonga guy” or “WHO IS THAT?!?!?” The undisputed MVP of the last Opening Ceremony, he marched through the stadium sans shirt, but with our hearts and plenty of coconut oil. (Re-create the look at home with a jar from Vitacost, and use a promo code to save.)

The best moment in everyone on Earth’s life seemed unlikely to repeat itself this year—seeing as Tonga is a tiny tropical island in Polynesia with no snow. But all-around great guy that Pita is, he went ahead and qualified for the Games again; this time as the kingdom’s first-ever skiier. Because he’s the only Tongan athlete at these Games, he’s on flag-bearer duty once again. And word on the street is, he’s doing it shirtless again tonight! (I mean, who needs a coat in freezing temperatures? If you do, check out this great sale!

So tune in throughout the next two weeks as Pita walks us through all the events from an athlete’s point of view. You never know where he might pop up.