Personal Profitability

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018


We are all about learning to be savvy with our money. Eric Rosenberg from Personal Profitability has given us a platform where we can get the best financial advice and navigate the crazy world of understanding money with our own personal guide. He isn’t here to tell you not to spend your money, he knows there is no fun in that, but his blog will teach you how to spend responsibly. He is here to get everyone started on the path to personal profitability and we are so ready.


Eric has his MBA in Finance, so you don’t have to. His site is the best place to address all the investment, banking, and money questions you have ever had. It’s not all about the money though- Eric knows the importance of an adventurous life. He is an active traveler and has an entire section of his site dedicated to traveling within a budget. He knows how to see the world without draining a savings account and his site is here to extend that knowledge to its readers


With Eric’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking, traveling the globe is looked at more logically and financially-minded than you probably ever thought was possible. With Eric’s advice you can learn how to fly all across the United States, and all over the world, for pennies on the dollar. He has traveled from Paris to Israel, and has gone through countless trials and errors to give the best, most sound travel advice. Eric knows the importance of staying within a budget, and with recommended hotels, preparation tips, and info on the best airline miles clubs, you can learn how to travel without forgoing luxury.

Ask Away

Personal Profitability is all about its readership. Eric knows the importance in asking questions- especially in the finance world. WIth his newest addition to the blog, a weekly podcast, readers can send in questions for Eric to answer directly.You can even record your questions via a voice message on the website and send them directly to Eric!


Asside from the daily posts on big financial themes and questions, the newest edition to Personal Profitability, is a weekly podcast where Eric sits down to cure any confusions about your finances. Most recently a self-employed entrepreneur wanted to learn how to make automatic monthly deposits into her retirement fund. Eric didn’t waste any time and spent the entirety of the podcast explaining the different types of accounts she could use and how much money she should be saving. Eric is ready to walk all of his readers through crazy things like Roth IRAs and 401Ks. Don’t quite understand those? No problem- Eric will break it all down in the podcasts with his encouraging tone and easy to understand approach.

Personal Profitability knows the importance of putting your money to work for you, and with a little more financial knowledge under your belt you will be ready to make all the necessary decisions to make your future financially responsible.