Planting Money Seeds

BY: Automation |Dec 11, 2018


If you’re like me and chasing the dream of home based business and financial security that allows you more quality time with your family, then you are sure to get stacks of value from Planting Money Seeds. It provides a wide range of articles and blog posts that are written from the perspective of personal experience and care, and oozes a sense of honesty and integrity.

A penny pinching blog this is not, but if you are seeking guidance and inspiration on the vast array of strategies that you can employ to generate business and build wealth, look no further.


Many people start getting nervous when they have to borrow money. Thinking about interest rates and loan terms can be scary and confusing. Not to mention making the repayments! There is also plenty of advice here on budgeting and smart spending. This section of the website provides a range of topical content to help guide you through this minefield.


The key activity for building wealth and generating passive income is making smart investments. Simply trading hours of work for a salary will only get you so far. Once you’ve saved enough for that initial seed, this is where you can find the right advice for planting it and watching it grow. From tips on retirement planning to investing in hedge funds, it’s all here.

Home Business

For many people, particularly those with young families, the prospect of developing a business that you can operate from home is very tantalising. Planting Money Seeds is made credible by featuring writers who are living the reality of supporting children from home. Find out about tools for online business and diversifying income streams and strengthen your family’s financial security.

This is a website of high quality writing, innovative ideas and sensible money advice. Subscribe and get fresh content straight to your inbox. This is information your family cannot afford to miss out on.