Posterini’s Poster Beauty

BY: cat |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Kai Rikardsen.

Posterini gives you a fast, affordable way to design professional posters with hassle-free flyer and poster templates. Create custom banners, vintage posters, club flyers, business cards, birthday banners, and more. It's a great way to promote your news, business, product—or even yourself—locally and worldwide. Not sure where to begin? We’ve made a quick checklist of what the site has to offer (or check out their brainstorming module for ideas).

Movie Posters

With Posterini, you can promote your feature, indie, or short film a 100% fully customizable movie poster.  Whether your film is a comedy, sci-fi, impact, adventure, chick flick, or drama, Posterini provides you with flexibility and control to market your film in a variety of ways to target your audience.

Posters, Banners, and Flyers

You can announce special occasions in a creative and memorable way with posters, flyers, banners and more. Posterini has you covered for holidays, “missing you” messages, baby showers, potluck events, weddings, anniversaries, love messages, political messages, motivational messages, birthdays, and more.

Business Tools

Advertise your business with Posterini’s options for products and services. For example, if you use Shutterfly’s Pro Gallery to sell your photos online, you can also promote your photography services with customizable poster to reach more potential customers. Market your restaurant, announce a new store opening, or publicize special offers, sales deals, and conferences. They also have tools to create business cards, “for sale” flyers, travel flyers, and more.

Educational Materials

Create an educational poster with ease using Posterini’s tools to promote or announce educational events or information.  Select from science and infographic posters, school courses and projects, and workshops.

Magazine-Style Covers

Create create magazine-style covers with Posterini, choosing from styles including travel, fashion, news, girly, gossip, and more.

Event Promotions

Want to promote a special event? Posterini allows you to create professional digital posters and marketing flyers for cocktail parties, theaters, festivals, party clubs, sports events, and concerts.