Preparing For Sportsball In March

BY: cdorant |Dec 11, 2018

Sports happen all over the world year-round, but they are especially active in March. Prepare for this exciting time by supporting your favorite team in nontraditional ways. Instead of filling out a big chart or buying official gear, show your team support in subtle ways. Deck Your Halls 

Floss Your Fandom
  • If you're not feeling up to the task of buying a shirt you'll only wear during games, consider clothing in basic colors.
  • Or maybe you're looking to be even more subtle, and a pair of multi-colored shoes is more your speed.
  • But if you're looking to make a huge statement, glow-in-the-dark face paint might be a good option.
  • Finally, if you'll be in a warm climate while your team's playing, show your fellow beachgoers where your heart is with team-colored swimwear.
Snack It Up Any way you cut it, supporting your favorite sports team is an exciting venture. Have fun and stay safe!