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Samsung Electronics to Check Out During Back to School Sales

Summertime usually means more time spent outside, hanging by the pool, at the beach, or at a friend's backyard barbecue than inside looking at our screens. But it's also a secret good time to check out new electronics. Between Black Friday in July and Back to School sales, computers, tablets, and more are likely to be on sale. We here at Groupon Coupons looked through Samsung's electronics catalog to find the best tech you should be looking at this summer.

Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Galaxy S10+ is Samsung's best smartphone ever. The screen is one of the biggest selling features—literally the edge-to-edge display measures in at 6.4 inches. Plus it incorporates the fingerprint open button and has pared down Edges shortcuts to get to your favorite apps fast. The 4100mAh battery lasts all day and night. And with a whopping five cameras (three on the rear and two on the front) and new effects, the pictures and video capabilities are impressive. Other cool features are the customizable storage (up to 1TB) and wireless charging, which gives juice to other Qi-enabled devices without cords.



Samsung Computers

Samsung Notebook 9

Longevity and lightweight are the two most important descriptors for this top-rated laptop, making it a great companion for students trekking from class to class without a guaranteed power source. Reviewers are also impressed with the "excellent" Full-HD display's color and brightness, the water-resistant keyboard, responsive trackpad, and fast charging, saying there are "a number of features that certainly add to its appeal." Opt for the most powerful model to get the best graphics and processing performance.



Samsung Galaxy S9+

For a more budget-friendly option, the Galaxy S9+ has a lot of the features of the S10+ at a pretty steep discount (about 30%). The Galaxy S9+ has the same screen-forward design as the S10+, but the edge-to-edge display comes in just slightly smaller at 6.2 inches. The phone has a 3500mAh battery, which translates to a roughly 17-hour battery life and fewer cameras (two rear and one front-facing) than the S10+, but again the price point accounts for those differences. All in all, you're still getting a top-notch smartphone that competes with the best iPhones and smartphones available.





Samsung Chromebook Pro

Instead of running Windows like traditional laptops, Chromebooks use Google's internet-based Chrome OS. Because Chromebooks rely on the internet's mega computing power to do the heavy lifting, they don't have to house all that powerful software. The result is a lighter weight and a speedier performance. Samsung's Chromebook model is on the higher end of budget laptop options, but the sleek 2-in-1 tablet design, touchscreen and stylus options, and Google Play support help it stand out from its competitors.



Samsung Galaxy A6

At around $350, the Galaxy A6 is significantly more affordable than other more powerful smartphones. But the bargain pricing doesn't equal a cheap phone. To keep the cost down, the screen was modified—the A6 model's display was downsized to 5.6 inches and doesn't have the curved edges that Samsung has pioneered. But at 3000mAh, the battery is comparable to the Galaxy S9+, and the cameras are an upgrade over middle-of-the-road options with 16-megapixel versions on both the front and back. It's the perfect phone for students who want a quality smartphone but at a lower price point.





Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

The Notebook 9 Pen 2-in-1 laptop tablet combines Samsung's best laptop and phones features into one powerful device. Its got facial recognition and fingerprint security—not something you'll find on many laptops—and an impressive Intel Core i7 CPU that outperforms similar models. What really sets it apart though is the S Pen stylus. It comes tucked into its own handy port on the side and opens up drawing and note-taking functionalities not found on many laptops in this price point.


Samsung Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung's answer to the uber-popular Microsoft Surface, the Galaxy Book is a 2-in-1 tablet laptop with high-end features and design. But unlike the Surface, Samsung includes the slim-line keyboard and S Pen stylus in the purchase price, making it a more affordable option. The most raved-about feature is the OLED display, which rivals the best TV screens. The processing power and compact design are also major selling points.




Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Built for both work and play, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e packs both exciting new features and top-quality displays into its super-slim and lightweight frame. With four built-in speakers and 10.5" super AMOLED display, streaming content looks and sounds as good as it does on TV. Plus this is the first Samsung tablet to include voice assistant Bixby, a hands-free way to get weather updates and control smart devices.  




Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite

With a price tag right around $100, this no-frills tablet looks and feels like a big smartphone. But the 7" screen is a definite upgrade when it comes to surfing the web, reading, playing games, or streaming content. The kid-friendly setup is perfect for parents with young ones to entertain on the go. And the battery is designed for all-day use, with up to 9 hours playback.



This post is sponsored by Samsung, but all opinions are my own.