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Sassy Shelly: Naughty Girl, Nice Nails

BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018


Sassy Shelly will suss out your nail style! Say goodbye to dull old you and embrace the sparkle and the glitz of living the Sassy Shelly way. And if you’re already the kind of girl that knows her nail art like the back of her hand, Shelly’s infinity swatches and designs will up your polish game to the heavens. First of all, we love that Shelly’s site is super easy to navigate. You can check out the nail art in any way you like. Are you interested in fully fledged Nail Art, or checking out Simple Swatches? You could even check out Shelly’s very own Favorite Designs.

 polish art

Not only is Shelly an extraordinary nail artist in her own right she has the blog awards and press to show for it. But really, do you even need the accolades when your work is so bloody good?


So check out Sassy Shelly’s site for the nicest nail pointers a naughty girl can give. Get inspired by the cornucopia of designs, learn where to shop the best discount and indie polishes and enjoy the giveaways that Shelly is happy to share! digital1 And if your website and or products are in line with Shelly’s content go ahead and advertise on her fabulous website for the sassiest, classiest exposure you could get.


And if after all that you’ve fallen in love with Shelly the way that we have, well, it only takes a few clicks to gift Shelly with your appreciation!