How to Save on Father's Day Cards

BY: Scott |Dec 11, 2018

Do you know some of the Best Dads Ever? Would you like to acknowledge their singular achievement with a unique card? Father's Day cards are a time-honored way of telling dads, "You know what? You're alright." And here are some time-honored tips to save money doing that. Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.52.44 AM

Tip #1: Use your own photo

Dads like to see the things that made them dads: their children. It's confirmation that, "Yes, I am the one who is dad." So, it's likely you'll be including a picture of dad's kids (or grandkids) on the card. If you weren't planning on doing this, you should rethink your carding strategy. Your phone probably takes fantastic pictures, and there are a bunch of websites where you can edit and optimize your own photos, like Then upload the photo to the website making your cards and, presto, no professional photographer necessary.

Tip #2: Deliver by hand

"You can tell a lot about a person from a handshake," say dads across the world. Nothing speaks to a dad like a good, old-fashioned handshake. Cut out the postage cost, walk straight up to the dads in your life, look them square in the eye, shake their hand, give them a crisp envelope, and say "Here. Happy Father's Day."

Tip #3: Go the eCard route

Creating an online eCard and having it emailed to your dad is the ultimate way to save. And, lucky you, right now American Greetings has a huge selection of Father's Day eCards, ranging from cute and funny to heartfelt, that will instantly melt a dad's heart. If you're celebrating a musical dad, they've got eCards that play music. If you're celebrating a dad who cherishes his pets, they've got a bunch of pet themes to bring a smile to his animal-loving face. Check out this free 7-day trial subscription at and get started building the perfect Father's Day eCard right now!

Tip 4: Hunt for deals

This is where Groupon Coupons can really help. We've got a whole collection of 2018 Father's Day coupons that make it easy. And be sure to check out retailers like Snapfish, Shutterfly, and American Greetings, all of whom can help you get your Father's Day card game on point.
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