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Where to Save on Halloween Superhero Costumes

The Avengers team as we know it may be kaput, but you’ll still see plenty of Marvel superheroes palling around this Halloween. In fact, Spider-Man and Fat Thor (check out Avengers: Endgame for Thor’s transformation) both made Newsweek’s Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2019. Other pop-culture costumes that made the list were of the scary or anti-hero variety, namely Pennywise from IT, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, and Harley Quinn from the DC Comics universe. But if you’re looking for last-minute Halloween costumes, especially for a group of friends, the Marvel superheroes are an easy choice. And with Groupon Coupons here to compare online prices, you need only read on to find the very best deal.


Whether you're channeling Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse or Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker's alter ego is an easy costume to stick to.

Spider-Man Costume For Kids

Kids: $18 at Target


Spider Man Costume For Adults

Adults: $43.19 at Amazon



Have a smashing good time dressed up as Bruce Banner's bigger half, the Hulk. Bonus: you won't have to say much other than "SMASH!"

Hulk Costume for Kids

Kids: $18 at Target

Hulk Costume for Adults


Adults: $40.98 at Amazon

Iron Man

Tony Stark may not have any supernatural powers, but as Iron Man, he can blast off and defeat foes with his mechanized suit of armor.

Kids: $18.75 at Target


Iron Man Costume for Adults

Adults: $41.24 at Amazon



As the God of Thunder, Thor makes for an electrifying Halloween costume. To transform into Fat Thor, you need only a bathrobe, flannel pants, shades, and this wig.  


Thor Costume for Kids


Kids: $30 at Target


Thor Costume for Adults



Adults: $42.99 at Target

Captain America

It took an experimental program to turn Steve Rogers into the super-soldier known as Captain America, but you can transform in seconds with this Halloween costume.

Captain America Costume for Kids

Kids: $18.75 at Target


Captain America Costume for Adults

Adults: $37.73 at Amazon


Captain Marvel

She may not have been in the original Avengers club, but Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel is powerful enough to command her own Halloween costume. Captain Marvel Costume for Kids


Kids: $18 at Target


Captain Marvel Costume for Adults


Adults: $36.11 at Amazon

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