40% Off Appliances: Sears Presidents' Day Sale

BY: Scott |Dec 11, 2018

George Washington's birthday, now immortalized as Presidents' Day, stands out as one of the more unexpected shopping holidays. And what's especially unique is that it's associated with bigger-ticket items, like appliances. To further explore the mysterious connection between historic American leadership and household appliances, we compared a pre-refrigeration Old Wooden Ice Box—likely in use during George Washington's time—to a 2018 Kenmore Elite 79043 24.1-cubic-foot bottom-freezer refrigerator from Sears (which you can get for a huge discount during the Sears Presidents' Day Weekend sale, where appliances are up to 40% off).

Old Wooden Ice Box

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.23.46 AM Convenience: To put ice in an ice box, it had to be preserved upon freezing naturally, harvested, and transported through intensive manual labor. 2/10 Style: This is where the Old Wooden Ice Box really shines. Those partial to rustic design can admire its vintage oak paneling, while the ornate-yet-austere metalwork recalls the dedicated craftsmanship of a humble, gifted artisan. 6/10 Functionality: Ice boxes keep fresh meat and dairy from spoiling—until the ice melts. Then you have to go harvest some more chunks. While it's surely an improvement over medieval technology, it nevertheless leaves the modern consumer wanting. 3/10

Kenmore 79043 24.1-Cubic-Foot Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator from Sears

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 1.29.10 PM Convenience: The Kenmore 79043 Elite has a built-in icemaker in the bottom freezer that, to quote Sears, "keeps fresh ice at your fingertips." 10/10 Style: This beauty—available in white, bisque, black, and stainless steel—is sleek, subtle, and dynamic. It would be as at home in a modern minimalist setting as it would covered in school pictures and A+ quizzes. 9/10 Functionality: With 24.1 cubic-feet of space, household staples, snacks, and party trays fit comfortably. It's even got a Tilt-N-Store door bin to easily accommodate wide and tall items. To keep things as fresh as possible, it uses Multi Air Flow venting technology to balance cool air throughout the whole unit. It also keeps things cold for as long as it's plugged in. 10/10 WinnerKenmore Elite 79043 From its spaciousness, ventilation, and slick look to its ability to render ice harvests obsolete, the Kenmore Elite 79043 ran away with this one. And right now, you can get this beautiful machine and other appliances for up to 40% during the Sears Presidents' Day sale!