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See Debt Run

BY: Automation | Dec 11, 2018

What do you get when you combine helpful tips to pay off your debt, succeed in your workplace, save money, product reviews, and healthy living tips? Easy! You get the folks behind See Debt Run, in all their savvy glory. Self-proclaimed “normal folks” figuring out how to make ends meet, they’ve provided us with tons of helpful tips on kicking debt to the curb and bettering our financial situation.

This site has tons of creative ways to save you money. There are, of course, the more conventional posts, like an in depth guide to cutting your daily expenses, a how-to on figuring out investing, and personal anecdotes on making your finances work for you. Then there is the more unique stuff, like how to ask for a raise (one of our favorites! so helpful), and how to kick butt in your performance review.

As if all that weren’t enough, See Debt Run also offers a ton of information about healthy living, and how that can actually help save you money down the line. With guides on reducing stress, kicking bad (expensive) habits, information about health care, and the benefits of being happy, which sounds simple but can sometimes be a bit difficult (helloooooo stress!)

Part of what makes See Debt Run so successful and fun to peruse is that the writers and creators are just like us! Debt, financial straights, or difficulties at work can really be isolating experiences! The money struggle is universal, and we can all use a little help sometimes. That’s why it’s so great that there are people like Jefferson and Michelle, writers and creators of See Debt Run, who are here to help us out. We love their newsletter, which includes updates, and even more money saving tips (and signing up also enters you for their quarterly drawing of a $25 Amazon gift card, as if everything else wasn’t incentive enough!!). Read more about See Debt Run and sign up for their newsletter here. We promise you won’t regret it!