Stay Fashionable While It's Freezing

BY: cdorant |Dec 11, 2018

woman with a handbag It’s tempting to toss a summer-clothing-clad #tbt on social media in the dead of winter. Remember leaving the house in just exactly what you’re wearing, without thinking about strategic layering? It seems unfathomable now. A bit of research and planning can help you look less like a marshmallow and more like a savvy Scandinavian. Layers Can Be Thin.

  • Uniqlo’s HEATTECH line offers baselayer tops and bottoms for women and men. The super-thin, super-light layers are made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep skin dry and warm, and are almost undetectable under normal clothing.
  • For traditionalists, a sweater is a sweater. When choosing a top layer, cashmere tends to be the thinnest warm woolen available, in addition to being pleasing to the touch. J.Crew’s Cashmere Shop offers cashmere sweaters in many styles, colors, and weights.
  • Patagonia has a selection of super-thin Nano Puff layer jackets, which pack the punch of a full down jacket but are effectively no bulkier than most fall jackets.
Boots Can Be Stylish.
  • L.L. Bean’s classic/normcore look has gained so much steam in the last few years that the retailer’s classic Bean Boots are usually on backorder during the winter months. Flexibility with colors may yield a pair faster. 
  • If the Classic UGG isn’t quite your look, consider some of the other styles issued by the retailer. New styles include sportier boots, in addition to ones with fashionable fur or buckle additions. See some of the cute boots at Journeys.
  • If you’re vehemently opposed to practical boots with grippy bottoms, try buying a pair of knee-high fashion boots a little bigger than your normal shoe size to accommodate a thicker winter sock. We usually go up a half size on boots we’ll be wearing in cold weather. Try ALDO’s selection of short, medium, and tall boots. Just be sure to weather-proof these with some shoe protectant
Coats Can Be Warm AND Fun.
  • Though traditional coats served our ancestors well, many retailers, such as J. Crew, now add special lining to thin-cut styles
  • Consider the vest! On more temperate winter days, the long get-up isn’t necessary. Find a fun, flattering vest to layer, especially if you’ll be in the car most of the way. Patagonia offers a selection in many colors
  • If you’re willing to splurge, the possibilities can be endless. The of-the-moment Canada Goose parkas, available at Neiman Marcus, allow for the bulk of winter coats to be on trend. See also: fur accents, belted silhouettes, and fun textures.
Details Can Make A Difference.
  • Add dashes of fun pattern or color in unexpected places. Try a pair of fun socks, like these from Macy’s, on with your otherwise heavy getup.
  • Accessorize! Scarves, gloves, hats–they can all make the difference between a heavy coat and a stylish winter statement. Check out the scarves at Target for a truly diverse collection. 
  • If you’re willing to carry around an extra pair of shoes, you can make winter chic look effortless. Also an option: keeping a versatile pair under your desk at work that you can wear every day. Check out these colorful flats at ALDO.