Stay In . . . Like A Boss

BY: sandra |Dec 11, 2018

stay in like a boss Staying in is an art form. In a time with plenty of social pressure to attend birthday parties, pub hangouts, and Instagram-ready restaurants, sometimes it's more fun to spend a special night in the space you're already paying for. To stay in or not stay in? It's no longer such a big question. You can stay in extravagantly or simply; lusciously or lazily. The beauty is, it's up to you. Invite a friend, or don't. Make food, or have someone else do it for you. No matter how you work it out, at the end of the night there won't be anyone barking for last call unless it's you urging the dog to get off your lap. Here are a few categories to check off that will ensure when you stay in, you stay in like a boss.

Creature Comforts To Stay In For

Food Is The Way To Your Own Heart

  • If you're going to cook, don't complicate it. Throw everything in one of Bed, Bath & Beyond's slow cookers and let it do the hard work.
  • Treat yourself to something special, like steak delivered right to your door. Go ahead, get four different cuts just for yourself.
  • Get yourself a gift basket and tear it apart. How could you go wrong with hot chocolate and wine? (You can't.)

Outsource, Outsource, Outsource

Let's All Go To The Movies (Without Leaving The House)

  • Whether you're watching movies or playing games, treat yourself to a home theater sound experience that will make the moment count.
  • If you love video games, get yourself a new one. There's nothing like starting a new game and having all night to get great at it.
  • You want unlimited streaming possibilities? You got it. Amazon Fire TV will hook you up with crisp HD, shows, flicks, and games at the touch of a button.