The Ultimate Guide to Saving $ At Old Navy

BY: Rachel Matuch |Dec 11, 2018

Old Navy has a well-earned reputation for solid, stylish basics at great prices. (Personally, I love their curvy jeans, and they're my husband's go-to for tall sizes.) And even though their prices start low, there are ways to save even more.

First things first: there's almost always a promo code.

You should almost never check out without entering a promo code. Usually, the best code is published to their homepage. Occasionally, we find hidden codes too, which you can find on the Groupon Coupons Old Navy page. This also means you shouldn't be content with any old code. Keep an eye out for the following deals:
  • 30–40% off promo codes. 40% is the highest discount Old Navy usually offers, so when you see it, grab it!
  • Stackable codes. Usually, codes don't apply to Old Navy's Everyday Steals or Hot Deals items, but they often work on sale items. Sale codes can net you huge savings on already low-priced items, even if the code itself is only for 20% off.
  • Sitewide codes. Items like jeans aren't always included in the discount, so keep your eyes peeled for discounts that apply to your favorite items.

Never pay for shipping.

To meet Old Navy's $50 minimum for free shipping, I never just buy a single item. (Does anything at Old Navy actually even cost $50?) I add new items to my shopping cart over time, then check out when I hit the right amount. It usually doesn't take long, for two reasons. One: Old Navy has clothes for everyone in my family, so when le bébé is about to go up a size, I'll throw in some new clothes, or ask my husband if he needs anything. Two: the free shipping minimum can be met with items from any of the Gap brands—so that's Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta.

Sign up for emails.

Signing up for emails is the best way to know when you need to pounce on your shopping cart. I will warn you right now: Old Navy sends quite a few emails. But it's worth it to know when that sweet, sweet 40% off sitewide or extra 25% off sale code comes through. Plus, you'll get a solid 30% off coupon just for signing up. Old Navy retail stores seem to operate quite separately from the online store, but these deals are advertised in emails, too. In-store, you'll find more item-specific markdowns, as well as doorbuster-type sales like their famous $1 flip-flop day or $2 tank-top sales.

Consider the credit card.

Before I tell you why the Old Navy credit card is awesome, let me add an important caveat. If you aren't going to pay off the entire balance—not just the minimum—before it's due, please don't bother. It's not worth the interest rates. However, if you're great about not carrying a balance, the Old Navy card can really pay off. I opened one on a whim to help improve my credit history, and it's ended up saving me a ton of money. First of all, the credit card unlocks cardholder-only discounts, often at all of the Gap brands. Secondly, it allows you to rack up points for your purchases, which get turned into $5 rewards as they acccrue. But most important are the bonuses. The card regularly offers $10 and even $20 rewards for things like using the card outside Gap brands a certain number of times. These rewards can be combined with promotions like SuperCash and coupon codes, too. Given the prices at Old Navy, you really can score free clothing if you take advantage of these offers. For more ways to save, check out our full round-up of the best Old Navy coupons.