The Ultimate Road Trip Guide by Groupon Coupons

Unlike most vacations, a road trip makes the traveling part fun. Instead of waiting to make memories once you get there, hitting the open road means you get to start making them right away. The Groupon Coupons team paired up with Avis, a full-service car rental company, to put together the ultimate road trip guide, stopping along the way to see some pretty spectacular sites and help you save some money.

Hit the Road From These Popular Destinations


Pick up your rental car from the Avis counter at the airport, or explore the city for a few days before getting a rental ride from one of eight locations in the city. Then you can head out to Napa Valley or cruise south for spectacular coastline views.


You probably don't want to drive in New York City unless you have to, but there's so much to explore outside the city. Pick up your rental from 1 of 11 Avis locations and then head upstate to the Shawangunk Wine Trail or Niagara Falls.


Denver is an incredible city full of cool breweries and hot dining destinations, but no trip to Colorado is complete without a trip to the mountains. Pick up your rental from the airport or one of the other five Denver locations and head out to one of the national parks nearby.