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This Week's Blog Round-Up

BY: cat | Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Morgan Cottle. As promised, we’re back with some more great sites for you to check out. Mommy Entourage, Mommy Entourage is a Philadelphia-based blog, but even if you’re not in the Philadelphia area, there’s plenty to take away from this site. Reviews of new TV shows, health products, and more make great fodder for hours of browsing. And if you’re a parent, you’ll definitely love some of the great suggestions on kid-friendly things to do with your family. And if you’re in the Philadelphia area, you’ll love this blog even more. The Recessionista,  The Recessionista is a great blog with articles on beauty, fashion, wine and food, and more. Maybe the best page on The Recessionista is the “Tech Gifts & Accessories” page under the Mobile Shopping Apps tab. If you’re thinking about a budget-friendly gift for someone, check out this page. You’ll find great ideas for gifts at affordable prices. Girls with Coupons, Girls with Coupons is just what it sounds like—girls with coupons writing about how to save money. They have giveaways of all sorts of great stuff, like shoes, accessories, gift cards and more. But if you’re a food lover like we are, you’ll love their recipes page. Definitely check out their site if you’re looking for great deals. They’ll point you in the right direction! DealCrunch, This website is a lot like Groupon Coupons. It’s a huge collection of awesome coupons to a wide variety of stores. You can shop by store (they have over 4,500 stores on their list!) if you’re looking for something from somewhere specific, or you can choose one of their 20 categories to find a great coupon. This site also answers all your online-shopping questions through its Community Q&A. Next time you’re looking for a coupon, don’t forget about DealCrunch; you just might find exactly what you’re looking for. Take It From Me, Take It From Me is written by a small collection of bloggers who are trying to bring more honest opinions to the internet. They write reviews on fashion, health products, and more. On the fashion page there’s a great review of a very cute pair of Nomad boots. The writer gives a practical review on the boots, and at the end provides a discount code! That’s one great thing about this site – they give a lot of discounts. That’s another great thing about the site: their giveaways page. Lots of great items up for grabs.