Tips for Moving on a Budget

BY: Carolyn Alterio |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Jemma C.

Almost all of us have dealt with the hassle of moving at some point in our lives. Not only is it stressful, time consuming, and just downright tiring, but it can also prove costly. Luckily, if you’re planning on moving in the near future and are on a tight budget, there are a few simple ways to save on moving expenses.

Moving Tips and Budgeting

Find Free Moving Boxes

Why spend money on moving boxes when you can get them for free? A few places you can ask for boxes are grocery stores, bookstores, banks, office supply stores, and your local liquor store. Small, sturdy boxes from liquor stores are particularly handy for CDs, DVDs, and books—many of them have handles! Craigslist is also an excellent resource for finding people giving away free boxes near you.

Save on Other Packing Supplies

Aside from moving boxes, you’re also going to need supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, and markers for labeling boxes. For all these essential items, look for office supply stores, like like Office Depot or Staples, that are having a sale or offering coupons. (Check out this 10% off Office Depot promo code, for example.)

Limit Grocery Shopping Before the Move

Sometimes we don’t realize how much food we have shelved away in our pantries or stashed in our freezers. Moving is the perfect time to either donate this food or eat it! By going through your existing food supply, you’ll save money on groceries and reduce the number of items you'll have to pack.

Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

Moving often signifies a new beginning—so why not shed all those old clothes and belongings that you don’t use anymore? Not only will this reduce your moving pile, it might even help you make a little cash. Try selling your items on online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist, or visit local consignment shops. Garage sales are also an excellent way of  selling your belongings.

Search for Deals on Moving Services and Trucks

Transporting belongings with your own car (or your friends' and family's cars) is probably the most cost-effective way to move, but unfortunately, many of us are going to need some extra assistance.

Bulky items like mattresses, sofas, and tables will require a moving truck, so be sure to search for deals at truck rental companies like Budget Truck Rental. If you'd rather have help with the heavy lifting, you might consider hiring movers. Take some time to research different companies and to compare quotes—You Move Me is currently offering free estimates. This important step will likely result in big cost savings.

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