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Top 5 Gift Ideas For Him

BY: Joseph R | Dec 11, 2018

"What do you get for a man who has everything?" is usually a question many of us ask about our fathers, our brothers, and our billionaire playboy philanthropist best friend. But, what if you could answer that question by answering another, simpler question: "What do you get for a man?" Yes, that's right: great gifts for guys are often hard to come by, but all it takes is some knowledge for the dude you're shopping for, and you'll nab something for him faster than he can say "Merry Christmas, bro!" For the Outdoorsy Guy... multitool If you have a MAN's man on your hands, get over to REI and shop their 30% off sale for a ton of greta items, like their Sasquatch multi-tool for just $9.95! What's manlier than confronting the elements with a piece of versatile metal shaped like the poster-child of cryptozoology? If you're looking for more outdoors-y gifts, make sure to check out our Sierra Trading Post Gift Guide for more options!

For the Athletic Guy... Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Blue 2017 Every dude needs shoes, but sports-lovers and athletes alike are usually always decked out in the newest, swankiest styles. Brands like Nike always lead the pack when it comes to comfort and style, and this year is no different with their newest Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit. We looked around and DICK's has a few styles on sale, but if you want the newest colors, you need to go to the source.
For the Techie Guy... The new Microsoft Surface Pro i5 Is your dude-person a futurist who always loves having the coolest and most modern of gadgets? Perhaps they're secretly a time-cop from the future, and they need something to take notes on the Future Crime they're trailing? The Microsoft Surface Pro i5 is the perfect gift for such a task, and you can get it for $200 less than its market price!
For the Well-Groomed Guy... Birchbox Man For $10/Month Little-known fact about males: they do groom themselves sometimes, and some of them are even really good at it! If you've got a guy like this you need to gift for, look no further than a $10/month subscription to Birchbox MAN, a gift that keeps on giving and won't break your bank!
For the Music Guy... Check out Guitar Center's great range of guitars! Do you need a gift for the musician in your life? Is said musician also a dude? Or is said musician actually the small boy named Coco, presumably from the new Disney/Pixar movie Coco, and he needs a guitar for Christmas? Guitar Center has guitars of all kinds up to 40% off, so click here to get your special someone a special axe for some special shredding! Be sure to check out our other gift guides for all your gifting needs this year, and have a happy holiday season from Groupon Coupons!