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Top Birthday Gifts For A Taurus

BY: Melissa | Dec 11, 2018

Welcome to the Zodiac Birthday Gifts series. Each month I compile a list of the best gifts to give loved ones based on their Sun Sign.  Loyal, generous, and practical, the Taurus has a reputation for being an important figure in their loved ones lives. These individuals, born April 20 to May 21, are down-to-earth and rarely indulge themselves. The Taurus is considered a bull because of their stubborn nature, persistence, and ambition. Regardless, if you are lucky enough to know a Taurus, you know they are friends for life. Below is a list of the top five birthday gifts to give these strong, earth-bound, and loyal individuals.

1. Plants


Earth signs are connected to nature—you will find the Taurus has a love of the outdoors, plants, and being around greenery. A desk plant calms their senses by giving a connection to the earth despite their environment—keeping them grounded all day. Get 10% off with a World Market code on indoor plants.

2. A Planner


The Taurus thrives on achieving their goals, but their persistent nature needs a map to help them organize thoughts and plan for a future. Play to their whimsical side with a fun planner, and keep an eye on our Groupon Coupons Staples page for tips on how to save money on calendars and organizers.

3. Luxurious Chocolate


While the Taurus is down-to-earth, they can still enjoy indulging on occasion with the finer things in life. Give some decadent treats to show a Taurus you care. They'll appreciate the thought since many born under the Taurus sun find it difficult to splurge on themselves.

4. A Watch


The bull has a reputation for being punctual. They are a bit frugal and rarely spend money on themselves. This gift keeps the Taurus on time and fashionable—both things they value. Save up to 40% on Fossil watches when you shop for your Taurus.

5. Personalized Stationery

TaurusStationery Make your bull feel important with a personalized gift inscribed with their name. Personalized stationery makes a great gift because it appeases the Taurus' secret desire for something luxurious while appealing to their practical need to stay organized. Check out this coupon for up to 30% off Personalization Mall to save some cash. Above all when shopping for the bull in your life, remember this: the Taurus appreciates gifts that are thoughtful, represent your relationship, and are exquisite. Check out our Groupon Coupons page for more discounts and gift ideas.