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Top Electronic and Gadget Gifts for Grads

BY: Scott | Dec 11, 2018

Congratulations to all the newly-minted grads out there! Be it high school or college, they've just successfully juggled at least four years of work, a kaleidoscope of new situations and people, and arguably one of the most formative periods of their lives. It’s a pretty big deal. So, understandably, you'll be getting them a gift. Here’s a collection of four on-trend gadgets that will make any grad throw their arms around you in everlasting gratitude.

Apple Watch Series 3

AppleWatch The Apple Watch Series 3, unlike its predecessors, can live on a cellular network without having to rely on Wi-Fi or iPhone pairing. That means it can completely free folks from their phones. Help your grad feel the hands-free liberation of streaming music during a workout, getting directions, tracking workout and fitness stats, and sending text messages with just a watch. And, of course, the Apple Watch Series 3 can still make and accept phone calls just as before—wherever you are.

Fitness Tracker

Garmin For active grads that may prefer something more scaled down than an Apple Watch, a tasteful wrist-bound fitness tracker can be the perfect complement to a smartphone. The Garmin vívoactive 3, for example, comes with over 15 pre-loaded GPS and activity apps and optional music, and allows you to monitor your fitness and stress levels—all while staying fully connected to the world around you with a huge variety of widgets and apps in the Garmin Connect IQ store. Keep track of when your Uber is arriving, what the weather's like, and more! But that's just one Garmin fitness tracker; check out the whole line of them for options ranging from the simple and unadorned to the downright fashionable.

Wireless Headphones

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.53.04 AM With limitless songs in their pocket, no self-respecting, Spotify-loving graduate is complete without a good pair of headphones. Of note are Bose's SoundSport Free wireless headphones. Bose has perfectly optimized basically every aspect of wireless headphones: tuned circuits for improved sound, tweaked antenna position for maximum Bluetooth signal strength, and an enhanced nozzle for incredible stability (AKA, they stay put). Downloading the Bose Connect app provides easy access to a bunch of features and personalization options, and you can even enable the Find My Buds feature to help track down a lost bud.

Virtual Reality Headset

Vive This one is more of a niche item, and that’s what makes it cool. Augmenting reality also makes it cool. Enter the HTC Vive. With the headset, two wireless controllers, and two base stations enabling 360-degree room-scale motion tracking, the HTC Vive immerses users in the exploration of a virtual world through an impressive array of game titles and other interactive software. The Chaperone guidance system makes sure everything happens safely within the bounds of the designated area, while world-class graphics, HD feedback, and intuitive gestures make interacting with the virtual world unobstructed and natural. Check out GameStop’s current coupons, use one on a great VR setup, and invite your grad to experience something uniquely next-level.