Toys"R"Us Going Out Of Business: What You Need To Know

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

**UPDATE: The online store is now closed. Individual locations have started their liquidation sales and are now offering up to 30% off storewide. You can go here to find a store near you. For the Toys "R" Us Master Q&A page, go here.** As you may have already read, mega-toy-store Toys"R"Us is closing after 70 years. The childhood institution and home to Geoffrey the Giraffe filed for bankruptcy in September of 2017 but was never able to get back on a strong financial footing. Here are the answers to the big questions we know savvy shoppers are asking: ToysRUs Closing and Liquidation Sale Info

Is Toys"R"Us Closing All Stores?

Toys"R"Us will be closing all 735 locations in the United States, but are still holding out hope that they can sell their 82 Canadian stores.

Is Babies"R"Us Closing?

Yes, Babies"R"Us will be closing their stores as well. It will maintain the Babies"R"Us registry and the web stores for the time being in hopes someone might want to buy them.

What Is The Last Day For Toys"R"Us?

There is no hard date, but the company expects the liquidation of their stores in the United States to be completed by the end of the year. Realistically, the real last day you can walk into a Toys"R"Us and shop will probably be much earlier than that.

What Is The Last Day To Use Toys"R"Us Gift Cards?

Toys"R"Us says it will honor gift cards until April 14. Their Rewards dollars and Endless Earnings programs will also be honored through mid-April, and the company will keep gift registries active for the same period.

How Can I Check My Toys"R"Us Gift Cards Balance?

You can check your balance for Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us gift cards by going here and clicking the "check gift card balance" link toward the bottom of the page.

Will Toys"R"Us Still Be Online?

The company has stated that their U.S. online store would still be running for "the next couple of weeks," with the hope that a buyer can be found in that time period. This puts the last day of guaranteed online shopping at around April 1. UPDATE: The online store has closed. Keep an eye on their Clearance and Deals pages for big bargains in the coming days.

Is Toys"R"Us Having a Closing Sale?

They already started liquidation sales at 182 locations in January, with those locations slated to close within the next month. Sales at further locations will likely begin within the next few days. Bargains will be relatively small at first (an average of 30% off, judging by the early liquidation sales), but will increase significantly as time goes on. Shoppers should check merchandise carefully before purchasing, as liquidation sales tend to be final, with no opportunity given for returns.

What Are The Next Toys"R"Us Liquidation Sale Locations?

All but the top 200 performing locations in the United States will start their liquidation sales in the next few weeks, so chances are your local Toys"R"Us is set to drop their prices soon. Toys"R"Us has set up a customer FAQ page for liquidation information, but as of today, it has no further information.