Travelocity Customer Service Guide

By: Mary Elizabeth Hammond

Travelocity Customer Service GuideWhen travel plans change it’s important to know your options, which is where getting in touch with customer service can come in handy. Travelocity’s customer service is pretty easy to use, whether by phone or online, and they can help you with everything from booking your trip to canceling or rescheduling it. Groupon Coupons has everything you need to know about contacting Travelocity customer service. 

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Travelocity Customer Help Articles

The Travelocity customer service page is loaded with helpful articles to answer your burning questions. Click on any of these topics and a drop-down will appear with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task. Here are a few of the most popular topics:

How to Contact Travelocity Customer Service

By Phone:

  • Travelocity phone number (toll-free): (888) 872-8356
  • Travelocity customer service number: 1 (855) 863-9601

By Online Chat:

  • Online: Chatting with a virtual agent is perhaps the easiest way to get the help you need. You can find this feature on the Travelocity customer service page—click “Cancel your trip”, “Change your trip”, “Ask about a refund”, or “Contact us” in the top bar or click “Help” in the bottom left corner to open a virtual chat. You will need to either sign in to your Travelocity account or provide a booking confirmation number if your question relates to a specific trip that you’ve already booked.
  • In the app: If you’re in the Travelocity app, you can chat with a virtual assistant by tapping the little message icon in the bottom right corner.

Travelocity Customer Service Guide

Travelocity Refund & Cancellation Policy

Travelocity has refundable bookings and non-refundable bookings, so their cancellation policy varies based on which type you booked. A good rule of thumb: select ‘free cancellation’ in your search filter when booking a trip so you only see options that give you flexibility should your plans change. To cancel a booking, go to My Trips and click “Manage Booking”, then click “Cancel Booking” (if available). Find more info on Travelocity’s cancellation and refund policy here

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