The TripAdvisor Family Escape Plan

BY: Christopher Mahar |Dec 11, 2018

Ah, family time: having everyone together under one roof is surely the best thing about the holidays, right? Psst, are we alone right now? Check over your shoulder.  Nothing could be sweeter than gathering with the fam, swapping political views, sharing opinions on life choices, compromising on what to watch on TV, and sitting at the same table to eat the same meal. Plan an escape from your family after the holidays with TravelAdvisor Ok, you're sure you're the only one who can see this screen? Phew. Real talk time: do you feel like you need to get away from these people as soon as humanly possible? Are you dying for an actual vacation, somewhere with no blood relatives in sight? Well relax! TripAdvisor has everything covered when it comes to planning and executing the trip of your dreams, all sourced from the best recommendations from millions of travelers.

TripAdvisor 2017 Travelers' Choice Awards

TripAdvisor 2017 Travelers' Choice Awards The 2017 Travelers' Choice Awards are like a roadmap that effortlessly guides you to a memorable escape, broken into easy-to-navigate categories. For instance, if you were looking for a way to make it hard for a group of people you dearly love to follow you, perhaps you would start with the Island category. There you can find the top islands to vacation on, divided into the top 10 in all the world (Santorini looks nice), top 10 in the United States (Hawaii makes a number of appearances, naturally), and the top 10 in each region around the word (have you seen Bora Bora?). Each location then has comprehensive and searchable lists of lodgings, vacation rentals, cheap flights, suggested things to do, and restaurants, all with reviews from recent travelers. Or, perhaps you've been spending nights on your childhood twin bed recently and are just dreaming of sleeping on a pillowy king, made up with soft sheets that aren't branded by My Little Pony. Then start at the Hotels category, where you can further narrow your choices to the top 25 luxury stays, or even the top 25 romantic accommodations. [caption id="attachment_15005" align="aligncenter" width="431"]TripAdvisor Hotel Categories Just ignore the bottom center choice for now[/caption] Whether you're looking to surrender all responsibilities at an all-inclusive resort or take in some culture in peace and quiet at a legendary museum, a year's worth of travelers have done the work of helping you find the most worthwhile vacation locations. So bookmark TripAdvisor's 2017 Travelers' Choice Awards and come back to it when you have time to plan your escape. Hurry, I just heard your mother in the kitchen asking if you could help get her email on that new smartphone she got.
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