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How To Personalize Your Valentine’s Day

Jan 25, 2019

Chocolates are a Valentine’s Day staple. They're a perfect second with any pair. Flowers and chocolates. Strawberry and chocolates. Chocolates and chocolates. I mean, can you name a better partner in crime? I’ll wait.

But even this dashing dance partner can get a little bit… same thing, different day. Not that we don’t enjoy stability sometimes, but on a holiday like Valentine’s Day, sometimes you’ve got to up the stakes to stand out and enjoy the flavor.

Luckily, My M&M’s can take our favorite dance partner up one step two step, and help bring together the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Your Heart In A Custom Box

Dress up your favorite chocolates in a personalized Trinity Heart Box with Personalized M&M's Candies filled with Valentine Day-themed colors, your favorite sayings, images, and more--all in one box. It shows that, “Hey I remembered your favorite candy, plus this is an amazing picture of us.” Well if they don’t eat them first.

Custom Colors

Sure, we love the M&M classics, but sometimes we prefer a red M&M to a green one, or maybe your partner enjoys only the pink M&M’s, and you're in a blue mood. Sometimes it’s the little things that count, like remembering their favorite color of M&M.  Bonus: You can pick out colors to create a personal piece to then share on social media because, well, #relationshipgoals.

XOXO Candy Box with Red & White M&M’s

These are literally the sweetest hugs and kisses we’ve ever seen, and perfect for when you can’t find the right words. I mean sure you could write a love poem, have a plane fly it in the sky, or sing it, but this gift is simple and tasty. Bonus: you can use the packaging for decorations!

Make your Valentine’s Day sweeter with My M&M’s, and save with Groupon’s Coupons.

This post has been sponsored by My M&M's, but the opinions are my own.