Walmart+ Vs. Amazon Prime Vs. Costco: Which Is Best for Grocery Deliveries?

By: Carolyn Fitchard

Grocery delivery

Walmart shoppers know a good deal when they see one, especially when it comes to saving on shipping with a Walmart+ membership. The subscription service comes in handy for getting free next-day shipping and grocery deliveries. But how does it compare with services like Amazon Prime Now or Costco Grocery? 

Groupon Coupons did some investigating to uncover which subscription service gives you the best value for grocery deliveries and more. Read on for our comparisons, and be sure to check out our collection of Walmart coupons and Walmart Sales Guide for more ways to save. 

Membership Costs & Benefits

First off, we’ll look at how much Walmart+, Amazon Prime, and Costco cost, and what grocery services you get. 

Service Price Grocery Delivery Costs Grocery Inventory Other Perks


$12.95/mo. or $98/year Free same-day grocery delivery on $35+ orders Up to 180,000 items

Free next-day and 2-day delivery on any order

Save on gas at Walmart & Murphy stations

Get member pricing at Sam’s Club gas stations

Prime Now

$119/year (for Prime membership) Free 2-hour delivery on $35+ orders Varies by location, but about  25,000 items

Free 2-day shipping on over 100 million items

Free 1-day shipping on over 10 million items

Access to Prime Video, Music, and Twitch streaming services

CostcoGrocery $60/year for Gold Star membership Free 2-hour delivery on $35+ orders, though items are more expensive than in-store About 2,000 items

Member pricing at Costco Gas Stations

Deals on travel

Our Takeaway: The best value will largely depend on where you usually shop and what additional perks you want, be it video streaming services, access to Prime Day, or savings at the pump. Walmart+, with their large inventory of generic brands, remains a good option for budget-minded shoppers, especially those who are short on time and want to do all of their shopping in one place. Amazon Prime Now is convenient for those who want access to Whole Foods, as well as Amazon’s huge suite of streaming services. And CostcoGrocery is a good choice for current Costco shoppers who want access to specialty items (though you’ll be paying more for them than you would in-store).

Amazon Prime Now

  • Pros: Large inventory of items, including organic products from Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh; access to Prime Day and membership perks like Prime Video and Prime Music
  • Cons: Highest membership cost, so it might not be worth it if you don’t plan to use other Prime services.
  • Savings Tip: Get $10 off and free delivery with promo code PRIMENOW. 


  • Pros: Lowest annual membership cost, and great for specialty items like Costco’s famed rotisserie chicken and Kirkland brand products. 
  • Cons: Smaller inventory of items to choose from; grocery items are priced a little higher on Instacart than they are in-store to make up for delivery costs. 
  • Savings Tip: Get a $15 Shop Card with your Gold membership with promo code SPRING21. 


  • Pros: Month-to-month membership option, largest inventory of grocery items to choose from, and access to generic brands
  • Cons: Unless you shop online for groceries at Walmart regularly, it might not be worth the price.
  • Savings tip: Get $10 off your first $50+ grocery order with promo code WOWFRESH.