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Weekly Blog Round-Up

BY: Rachel Matuch | Dec 11, 2018

  Today's guest post is by Jemma C. We rounded up some favorite finds from around the web. At the end, you'll find a special beauty promo code, too.


Frugaling is a smart, informative blog that aims to help the millions of Americans today who are struggling with debt. Author Sam Lustgarten takes us through his journey of tackling debt and student loans while sharing valuable pieces of advice along the way. A great place for readers to start is the Popular Articles page. Topics include the 40-hour work week, Ted Talks on minimalism, and for all the coffee lovers out there, how to save money at Starbucks.


While the word “homework” may bring back memories of mundane math problems and reading assignments, this certainly isn’t what you’ll find in this blog. Writer Carolyn Garris is instead giving you an assignment to be inspired. Check out her printables page for example, which displays multiple creative and authentic designs. Featured items include a menu planner, thank you cards, labels for spices and gift tags. But don’t leave the site before visiting Carolyn’s amazing recipes, each accompanied with photos.

Money Magpie,

Jasmine Birtles, founder of Money Magpie, created this site in 2007 to educate the world about money-making opportunities and being a smart consumer. Whether you have a question about financial planning, investing, insurance, or credit cards, this blog literally has it all. And for some more unique strategies to generating side money, visit the Easy Ways to Make Quick Cash page. Who would have thought you could make money off of watching television, taste testing chocolate and even being someone’s friend!?

The Lipsticking Society,

The Lipsticking Society is a blog entirely dedicated to empowering businesswomen. We love that author Yvonne Divita discusses the importance of dressing professionally and wearing clothes that exude confidence. And best of all, she proves that looking great for work doesn’t mean blowing through a lot of cash. Most of the time, Yvonne shops online—and uses lots of coupons. We approve.

Budget Earth,

In Budget Earth, Susan Bewley writes about products, technology, and recipes from her day-to-day life with her two adorable Alaskan Malamutes. She is a big advocate for natural products, sustainable workout plans, and going green while traveling. And if you’re a dog or cat owner, you’re going to love all the pet products, tips, and fun activities she posts about. Check out her cute DIY crafts for your dog.

Derek and Carrie,

Derek and Carrie are on a mission to help couples have more productive conversations about money. Whether you’re having trouble starting that initial talk with your S.O. or tackling a money crisis later in the relationship, this blog has it all. Most of their posts are available as podcasts, so you can actually listen to their advice! The duo even shares their budget and net worth each month to inspire other couples to be open and honest about money.

Raving Fashionista,

Raving Fashionista was created by Sarah, a budget-friendly fashion blogger who loves expressing her personal style while providing others with wardrobe inspiration. Once you’ve browsed through her beautiful photographs of chic, comfortable and affordable outfits, you’ll be excited to hit the shops and revamp your closet. Here's a cute beachy dress paired with a summer clutch to get you started.

Mommy Hates Cooking,

Mommy Hates Cooking is a blog by Kristy, a mom who did in fact hate cooking, but has since been on a journey to loving it. After her husband’s shift at work changed, Kristy was forced to teach herself how to cook and she made this site as a means to reaching out to other moms. The result has been quite the impressive collection of recipes, an archive of gardening tips and a new-found passion for menu planning.

Real Food by Dad,

At Real Food by Dad, blogger Matt shares his own authentic recipes as well as ones he handpicks from cookbooks, online and friends and family. His posts are especially relatable to all the parents out there since he incorporates the daily challenges he faces as a father of three boys. For a quick taste of what he’s cooking, check out this dangerously delicious Chili Mac and Cheese or opt for a healthier Grilled Chicken and Summer Vegetables dish.

Being Melody,

Melody Wright is a southern gal who currently resides in Philadelphia pursuing her PhD. Being Melody is her creative outlet and a place to visit if you’re in need of any beauty, health or lifestyle advice. For instance, we love her Five Minute Face Routine, because who doesn’t want some extra time to sleep in? And if you’re in the mood for a new meal, Melody has tons of great recipes like these spicy-sweet Honey Jalapeno Chicken Wings.

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