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Weekly Blog Round-Up

BY: cat | Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Jemma C. We’ve rounded up some great blogs from around the Internet for your reading pleasure. Check out our list and let us know what other blogs we should be reading. First Time Mom & Dad, First Time Mom & Dad tells the fairytale story of a couple who met while traveling abroad in Austria. The two came from opposite sides of the world, the Mom from America and the Dad from Australia, making this romance an unlikely one at first. Yet today the two are happily married with one beautiful 3-year-old boy named Ollie. Their blog is all about the adventures and challenges that come along with parenting as well as DIY ideas, holiday fun, and living a healthy lifestyle. Creative Savings, Kalyn Brooke is a full-time blogger living in Southwest Florida with her husband and mischievous rabbit. She started Creative Savings as a way to provide advice on how to live a fulfilling life on a frugal budget. Her goal is to help others spend less money on everyday things so that they can afford to travel, start new hobbies, and do what they really want. Check out her most popular posts first to learn about earning more income, controlling your budget, saving on grocery shopping, and becoming a frugal foodie. Cadry’s Kitchen, Cadry’s Kitchen is a blog dedicated entirely to vegan cooking and travel. Cadry created the site to show that you don’t need a lot of expensive ingredients or time in the kitchen to make an amazing meal. Here you’ll find not only written recipes and grocery lists, but also video cooking tutorials. Additionally, Cadry gives us valuable insight into what it actually means to be vegan as well as what it’s like to travel and navigate restaurants as a vegan. Chattavore, Chattavore is written by a native Tennessean who grew up on a mixture of fast-food and mom's fantastic cooking. The blog aims to educate people about real Southern food, as opposed to having fried food every single meal. With no shortage of mouth-watering recipes or restaurant reviews for any meal of the day, it’s a must-read for all food lovers. Just take a look at these Baked Vegetarian Flautas and you’ll be hooked.