This Week’s Blog Round-Up

BY: Rachel Matuch |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Jemma C.

Coupons Are My Currency,

Coupons Are My Currency features a massive archive of, you guessed it, coupons! There are five main categories of coupons to browse from - free coupons, store deals, restaurant deals, coupon apps and printable coupons. Everything is sorted by date too, so you can sift through the most recent deals first. The coupon apps in particular, give you some seriously cool ways to save with your smart phone.

She Scribes,

She Scribes is written by a mom named Kimberly who resides in the suburbs of New York City with her husband and two kids. Her blogs are chock-full of information and she even jokes on the site that she tends to ramble. Topics include parenting tips, travel ideas, giveaways and an extensive assortment of product reviews.

The Daily Tay,

The name of this blog perfectly describes it! The Daily Tay, written by a young woman named Taylor, recaps her day-to-day life over the past seven years. Having lived in Chicago for the last five, she put together a Guide to Chicago which highlights fun local restaurants, bars and something a little more entertaining—improv shows. Taylor has also taken comedy classes in addition to performing stand-up, so you’ll be sure to have a few laughs while reading her posts.

The Mommyhood Chronicles,

The Mommyhood Chronicles is a blog written by a mother of two, and part-time dentist, who fittingly believes that smiling and laughter are the keys to living a happy life. Every Saturday she shares her Top Five Laughs and invites readers to share their own funny moments with their kids. She also posts about traveling, Disney, product reviews, recipes, giveaways and even birth stories.

Posh Moma,

Posh Mama by Andrea Nugent is a lifestyle blog that covers a variety of topics including fashion, food, health and fitness, technology, family and our personal favorite—coupons. If you love makeup and want a new look, definitely check out her beauty product reviews and deals that go along with them as the list is enormous. Additionally, she loves horror films and The Walking Dead so be sure to visit her entertainment section if you’re a fan.

Gina’s Library of Reviews,

Gina’s Library of Reviews is the perfect site for cautious shoppers who want to make sure that they only spend on products they’ll love. Gina reviews all sorts of products, from books to cosmetics, toys to home improvement supplies, and more. Not as into reviews? Gina also posts DIY projects, recipes, gift ideas, and giveaways. There’s a little something for everyone, so check out all that Gina has to offer.