This Week's Blog Round-Up

BY: Carolyn Alterio |Dec 11, 2018

Today's guest post is by Jemma C.

Raising My 5 Sons,

Raising My 5 Sons is just as it sounds: a blog about the daily adventures and challenges that come along with raising kids. Not only is it an entertaining read, the author also offers insightful tips around arts and crafts, traveling, recipes, and how to lose the baby weight. And if it’s giveaways and product reviews that you’re looking for, she posts plenty of those as well!

Busy Mom Monologues,

Busy Mom Monologues is unique in that it is centered around a military family,  with articles on homeschooling and teaching kids both English and Spanish. The writer even provides a number of ebooks and worksheets to help children learn the basics of the two languages, from counting and colors to the four seasons and more!

Another highlight of the blog is the parenting section. Here you can read about real-world advice including building confidence in your kids, helping them avoid distractions while doing homework, and monitoring their phones.

Java John Z’s,

Java John Z’s is definitely a site to check out if you’re looking for savings—it’s largely focused on giveaways, freebies, and coupons. There’s even a giveaways section dedicated to gadgets and new tech, as John is a Java technologist and has spoken at many technology conferences.

Bostonians will especially love this blog, as John writes about many exciting events and festivals happening in the Greater Boston area where he resides. And being a parent, John writes heaps of posts about activities to do with kids such as LEGO conferences and Disney store openings.