The Weirdest Things On Amazon

BY: sandra |Dec 11, 2018

Weirdest Things On Amazon Whether your gadgets need batteries, your kids need gadgets, or you need a much better way to entertain your kids, it's likely Amazon's got 140 options for all those predicaments. But beyond Amazon's useful items and practical gifts lies an ocean of weird. Weirder than a Magic Mike XXL 12-month calendar. Weirder than a lifetime supply of googly eyes. Weirder than a Magic Mike calendar in which everyone has googly eyes. Oh, they don't sell that? What a shame. Here are a few of the weirdest things on Amazon that can actually be yours.  

The Smiley-Face Secret Camera

weirdest things on amazon smiley-face camerasecret camera shaped like a smiley face! Surely no one at your meeting is going to wonder what a smiley face on a stick is doing on the conference room table. And next time Fido decides to surf the net on your laptop, you'll definitely catch him in the act! Because this camera is very sneaky! Very!  

Faux Real Men's Plumber Shirt

weirdest things on amazon plumber shirt The biggest problem with the fake plumber T-shirt is that it creates more questions than it answers. Where should you wear it? Is it a lazy Halloween costume or an essential gift for the plumbing enthusiast in your life? If a real plumbing emergency occurred, should the wearer continue impersonating a plumber?  Should we be concerned that that's a lot of wrenches to "wear" all at once, thus breaking down the 4th wall? Maybe you should just wear this to your office job and call it a day.  

Big Mouth Toilet Mug

weirdest things on amazon big mouth toilet mug The one coffee mug you will never be able to drink coffee from.  

GoateeSaver: The Goatee Shaving Template

weirdest things on amazon goatee saver The GoateeSaver template helps you shave a smooth, symmetrical goatee on your face. Which means there are people out there walking around with lopsided goatees who need this, and it's also 1997 and goatees are the thing.   The Screaming Pickle weirdest things on amazon screaming pickle For the Screaming Pickle, we'll defer to Amazon verified purchaser Laura to tell you what you need to know. Take it away, Laura:

"Well, it's a plastic pickle, and it screams when you push a button. 5 stars on being a pickle, 5 stars on screaming when the button is pushed."

For all your distressed vegetable needs, complete with distressed pickle face.   The upside to Amazon's funky side? Some of the weirdest things on Amazon might also end up being your favorite things ever. For more great (and affordable!) gifts, check out Amazon's gifts for $10 or less.