What Is The Amazon Echo And Which One Is Right For Me?

Dec 14, 2018

Some questions are hard to answer: What’s the best dessert? Who’s your favorite child? Which Amazon Echo is Best for You? The team here at Groupon Coupons doesn’t have all the answers (although we can tell you definitively that cheesecake is the best dessert), but we have laid out the pros and cons of the Amazon Echo smart speaker line to help you decide which Echo is Best for You.

First things first though, we've got to talk about the thing that all of Amazon's Echo speakers have in common—Alexa. Alexa is the voice-activated assistant that makes all these speakers smart. Just ask her a question, like "what the weather?" and she will respond with the forecast. But that's just one of Alexa's hundreds of capabilities.

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Echo Plus

The O.G. of Amazon’s smart speaker line, the Amazon Echo is the style and look most Echo fans are familiar with. Armed with Alexa, the Echo fills a room with first-class sound thanks to dual speakers powered by Dolby. The Echo can also control smart home devices. Add in calling, messaging, Bluetooth capabilities, and the Amazon Echo’s reasonable price, this speaker sets a smart standard.

But for audiophiles looking to upgrade, the Amazon Echo Plus is the Echo's sequel. It has all the qualities of the classic and more, including a built-in smart hub that allows you to control up to 100 different devices around the house, line in or out capabilities, and a slightly larger woofer for even better sound quality.

For the price, the Echo is the ideal choice for buyers who want a quality smart speaker that can do more—like control the thermostat or lighting levels—than just tell jokes or give you the weather report. It also comes in more than just basic black or gray. But true music fans will likely want to splurge on the Echo Plus for its superior sound.

Amazon Echo Dot

Think of the Echo Dot as the younger sibling to the Echo. The smaller, sleeker Dot has many of the same smart capabilities as the Amazon Echo, including controlling smart devices, Alexa voice response, and streaming music. But the smaller size means a less powerful speaker, perfect for smaller rooms or to hook up to a home’s larger sound system. The Dot is ideal for smaller homes and apartments or to hook together to create a larger soundscape throughout a home.

Amazon Echo Spot vs. Echo Show

Want a smart speaker that can really do it all? The Amazon Echo Spot or Amazon Echo Show are the answer. These two models include all the smart features of the other Echo speakers, plus a display screen so you can watch videos or make video calls. The round Echo Spot is the size of a small alarm clock, making it perfect for a bedside table so you can watch flash video news briefings or visual weather reports first thing in the morning. The Echo Show’s 10" screen is much larger. Big enough to comfortably watch TV or movies on the screen or to double as a cooking companion in the kitchen.

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