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What The Founding Fathers Thought Of Coupons

BY: cdorant | Dec 11, 2018

It’s thanks to the tenacity and intellect of the Founding Fathers that our country was formed in the exact way it was. Though the Fathers are most famous for penning texts related to the Constitution, many of the men were prolific writers–especially when it came to their favorite topic, commerce. Historians have recently unearthed a collection of essays written about smart shopping, to which Groupon Coupons has exclusive publishing rights. Here are a few key excerpts: “Coupons shall become the cherry-red lifeblood of this young republic’s economy, in hard times and good” – George Washington “By failing to shop a sale, you are preparing to pay too much for something.” – Benjamin Franklin “I’d rather be killed in a duel than stop using coupons” – Alexander Hamilton “If there’s one thing I’d like to be remembered for, it’s my wish that Americans all over this great land can make prudent purchasing decisions using promotional codes and coupons. We’ll be smiling upon them, full of pride.” – John Jay   “During the important conversations leading up to the Louisiana Purchase, I longed for an easily accessible list of coupons. Alas, there was none, so I could not use any during the transaction.” – James Madison “The very first Vice President of this new government understood thrift. That man was me.” – John Adams