The Best Sales to Shop on 4th of July

4th of July sales

Long holiday weekends are always ripe for sales—and the Fourth of July is no exception. But not all sales are created equal. With years of shopping and saving under our belts, the Groupon Coupons team know which sales and items should be on your shopping list this weekend and what you should wait on. 

Fourth of July sales typically start a little early, most on July 1. And because the holiday falls on a Monday this year, the deals are likely to have a hard stop by the end of the day. A few select sales may continue through the week. 


Any holiday weekend is a great time to shop for all appliances, especially if you can shop during non-peak times. Since most Fourth of July sales start on Friday, July 1, that means stores are going to be packed throughout the weekend, so you might want to consider sticking with online shopping to avoid crowds. However, if you do choose to shop online, keep an eye on when sales start and stop so you don't miss out on big savings in your cart. 

Waiting until Sunday afternoon or even Monday means inventory might be lower in-store and online, but you might not have to fight the crowds as hard, meaning you could get more attention from the salespeople and maybe a better deal.

Best Appliance Sales

Manufacturers release their newest models in September and October, so the Fourth of July is a good time to start to clear out stock. The Fourth of July is a bit early to see these items at their heaviest discount, but the sales could still be worth your while.

Refrigerators are an exception to this rule though. New models are released earlier in the summer, which means last year's models are likely to be majorly discounted during Fourth of July sales.

Furniture sales

The Fourth of July is a great shopping holiday if you're in the market for a new couch or dining set or mattress. There are two reasons for that: August is a popular time for furniture makers to release new styles, so stores will want to make room for the inventory. And the summertime sales slump is real. There aren't any gift-giving holidays in sight, which means buying on big-ticket items will slow considerably. Furniture stores will offer higher discounts to get customers in the door. 

Though there will be good sales on outdoor furniture, the Fourth of July is not the best time to shop for your patio. Warm weather will likely last for a couple more months at least, which means outdoor furniture will sell whether it's on sale or not. If you can hold of buying until after Labor Day, you will get the best deal. You just won't get to enjoy your purchase as much until next year.

Best Furniture Sales

Summer clothes

Summer staples like shorts, sandals, and swimsuits will all be on sale this weekend. Expect to see discounts anywhere from 25% to 50%! Technically though, this isn't the best time to shop for summer clothes. If you wait until the end of the season, discounts will be higher, but the selection won't be nearly as big and you won't get to enjoy the spoils of a shopping spree. We still think it's worth it to shop for these items now because the discounts are pretty high, and you'll likely be able to wear these items for a couple of months at least.

Best Fashion Deals


Tools are a hot commodity around Father's Day, but now that those sales are over, retailers are known to discount tools and accessories. This year's discounts might not be as high as year's past because with the increased amount of time many of us are spending at home, demand at home improvement stores is up considerably

Best Tools Sales


Grill sales start off hot around Memorial Day and Father's Day, but slow considerably as the summer goes on. Fourth of July sales are a great time to pick up a new grill for less and still get to use it! Grill sales will continue intermittently throughout the summer, but the selection will decline considerably as well.