Best Place to Stay in Orlando


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When it comes to planning a vacation, picking where you want to go is only the first step. Once you’ve picked your destination, you’ve got to decide where you want to stay. And in a major U.S. destination like Orlando, there are a lot of options. Is it better to stay close to the major theme parks or a little farther away? Could you save money if you choose a hotel that's part of a resort? The Groupon Coupons travel team worked with Priceline to scout out Orlando and find the best place to stay.

Home to theme parks like DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, Seaworld, and more, Orlando is basically a city-sized playground. But navigating where to stay to maximize your vacation can be daunting. Check out Best of Orlando for deals on what to do once you're there.

First timers: On-Site

Stay on-site at the theme park where you plan to spend the majority of your time. This isn’t always the most cost-effective option, but it is the least amount of hassle. If you stay at a Disney or Universal resort, free transportation will get you where you need to go within that park. But you’ll still need to drive or use a ride-sharing service to get between parks. But staying on-site makes it easier to visit Orlando without a car.

For a Different Feel: On International Drive

Pick a hotel along International Drive. It’s just off the main interstate highway that connects the main theme parks and that can mean big savings for visitors. This strip has undergone a major growth spurt in the past few years, with tons of new resorts, restaurants, and fun attractions popping up. These kid-friendly activities are a great alternative for budget travelers, who want to go to Disney but can only spend one or two days at the park.