Why You Should Use Priceline For Your Next Vacation

By: Malika Wichner

Priceline VacationsIt’s time to treat yourself to a vacation! And if you want to be sure you're getting the best deal on your booking, Priceline is a great way to research and compare flights, hotels, and car rental rates all in one place. But that's not all. Groupon Coupons did a little research and found a few more reasons you may want to use Priceline for your next weekend getaway or business trip. Read on for these cost-saving travel tips, and be sure to check out our Priceline coupons to save on your next vacation.

What happened to the Name Your Price Tool? We found all the information on where it went and how you can still save with the new Pricebreakers tool. 

Priceline VIP Program Savings

Priceline offers a membership program that’s free to join and easy to use (if you already have a Priceline account, you’re already signed up). When you browse booking options, you’ll see a rate from non-members as well as a VIP rate for certain choices. The VIP rate typically saves you about $15-$50. VIP members also have a Best Price Guarantee on select bookings so that you won’t miss out on a better deal. Check out more about the Priceline VIP program here. 

Bundle Your Booking & Save 

One of the main reasons people checkout Priceline is because you can bundle your hotel, flight, and car rental into one total package. When you do this, not only can you save yourself the hassle of keeping up with a bunch of bookings, but you can save extra money—up to $625, to be exact. 

Support When You Need It 

Priceline offers 24/7 customer service. No matter what time or place you find yourself in trouble, you can easily reach a customer service representative from Priceline. And if you’re a Priceline VIP Gold or Platinum member, you’ll get either Priority or First Priority access to Premium Customer Service.

Flexible Booking

Things don’t always go as planned, but when you book with Priceline, you have the option to cancel your booking. Keep in mind that hotels and airlines may have their own cancellation policies and fees, so be sure to read the Fine Print prior to booking.

Stay at a Boutique Hotel 

Typically, boutique-style hotels do not offer any deals because you pay for the exclusiveness. However, Priceline offers discounts on several boutique-style luxury hotels across the globe.

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