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Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Best Deals

Dec 2, 2021

Xbox Best Deals

The newest Xbox consoles have taken over the gaming market. While they are extremely difficult to get your hands on, most stores are only offering backorders or simply aren't selling them at the moment, once you have it all that will feel worth it! To help you get one of these gaming systems to your home we've rounded up all the places that sell the Xbox Series X and Series S so you can easily keep an eye on when they're available to order.

Xbox Series X vs. Series S: Which Console is Right for You?

Not sure which system is right for you? Let's quickly compare and contrast the two series: 

  Xbox Series X Xbox Series S
Spatial Sound
Gaming up to 120FPS
Smart Delivery 

Works with Xbox One gaming accessories

Storage  1TB 512GB
Processor 12 Teraflops 4 Teraflops
Gaming Resolution  True 4K 1440P
Optical Disc Drive 4K UHD/Blue-Ray Drive


/A *Disk free gaming

Where to Buy Your Xbox Console?

Any gamer is aware that getting most gaming systems have become increasingly difficult for several reasons. But that doesn't mean all hope is lost! You're best bet to get one of these consoles is to keep an eye out at the larger retailers that sell them. If you see it in stock, hit add the cart ASAP so you don't miss out.  

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Deals

Dubbed the fastest and more powerful Xbox so far!


Xbox Seriexs S

Xbox Series S Deals

The next generation of Xbox, now smaller in size. 

  • Best Buy: $299.99 IN STOCK
  • Target: $299.99 IN STOCK
  • GameStop: $299.99 IN STOCK
  • Sam's Club: $379.98 (Bundle with Rig 500 Pro EX Wired Headset and PDP Media Remote) IN STOCK
  • Walmart: $370.90