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One the largest, most well recognized brands in the world is a name that perks up the attention of any who hear it. Pepsi-Cola was their original product and was created in the late 1890s by a pharmacist in North Carolina. In the mid 1960s PepsiCo was founded and joined up with Frito-Lay to create the major empire that it has become. In 1966 they introduced Doritos to the world, which soon became the most popular snack chip in the United States and was quickly adopted as the go-to snack for BBQs and TV binges. Throughout the 1970s Pepsi Cola became the number one cola drink in supermarkets with its refreshing taste and its subtle pick-me-up. During this time PepsiCo also acquired Pizza Hut as well as Taco Bell and were soon able to put the same passion and quality into foods that they had been able to do with snacks. Pizza Hut has long become a staple in the pizza industry and is a global name that has held strong to its reputation as delivering delicious pizza in a quick manner.

During the 1980s and with their spokesman being the world-renowned singer Michael Jackson, Pepsi really started to take off. With two amazing commercials under their belt thanks to the Jackson family, Pepsi became 'the Choice of a New Generation.' This is also around the time that they put out 2 new drinks that included fruit juice in them, the first of the their kind for this powerful company. Having been made available to nearly 150 countries worldwide, they really started making a major impact on the way we consume beverages and the types of snacks that were readily available. Once again, with Michael Jackson as the star, Pepsi created a 4-part advertisement during the Grammy Awards which became the most-watched commercial in advertising history.

As of 2015, PepsiCo celebrated its 50th anniversary as America's favorite soda and snack company. Backed by decades of strong success their products are available in more than 200 countries and territories around the world and have over 250,000 employees who are dedicated every step of the way to giving you the best snacks and sodas you can find anywhere. When you combine all the great promo codes and coupons that Groupon is offering with the high quality snacks and beverages from PepsiCo, that next party of yours is going to taste even better while you are raking in the savings!

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