Renee K.

So does the groupon not pay for shipping then?

Andrew R.

Hi, the fine print reads “Not valid for shipping in some states”, which would imply that it IS valid for shipping in some other states. Is this correct, and if so, can the Groupon be applied to shipping in Illinois? Second, must I order bottles in multiples of 6 or 12?

Tom W.

Wine merchants can ship to IL, and unless I missed something, what you get with this arrangement is paying $25 for $75 toward a case (let’s just say) that will cost $130 + $20 shipping, so you’re saving $50 out of $150, all said and done, best case scenario, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Garrett, am I missing something with the search function on the website? When I click on Cabernet Sauvignon, four choices come up. When I click on Pinot Noir, only one comes up.

Michelle C.

Hi there, I have the groupon for Barclay’s from several months ago. If I buy today’s deal, can I redeem both at the same time? Thanks!

Scott S.

Bring back Groupon Discussion Boards!

Jennifer M.

How much does shipping cost per bottle?

I’ve read that it is 19.99 for the case of 12, but what if I buy three $25 bottles for $75 total? What might that cost to ship?

Or if I bought five or six under-$15 bottles for $75 total — what would that cost to ship?

Just trying to figure out how much more I might need to spend out-of-pocket for shipping if I keep my wine cost to $75. Thankks.

Jennifer M.

Thanks Garrett!

Aralid E.

So the deal is to buy 6 to get the deal worth , and did you also say we can apply this to the case and will it count as $75 towards it? in the other hand, can I go back and buy another coupon and how can I send it to my friend in North Dakota?

Aralid E.

Thanks however she is in ND and I am in ILL can I do this via e-mail or how ?

I purchased the Barclay’s Groupon before and really loved the wine I received.

The fine print on this Groupon says “New customers only”… does that mean I’m not eligible to buy or use this Groupon?

Question regarding returns/customer satisfaction: I’m a bit concerned about your limited offerings and, given what’s showing as currently available, I’m likely to order several bottles of the same selection. If I find that I don’t like the wine (for instance, you only have 1 Pinot Noir option), what is the return policy, do I have to pay the shipping to send it back to you, etc. Thank you!

Aralid E.

to make the gift complete can I be charge for the delivered instead of my friend?

holly l.

How long do I have to use the coupon? I know if becomes valid Dec 1 but when does it expire?

Debbie S.

Do you sell kosher wine


Garret M
You say a sample case or Barclays wine experience gets 12 bottles an automatic cork screw set and more for 129.95 (54.95 plus 19.95 with Gruopon) does this mean I can get a case of wine for 54.95 plus 19.95 and a corkscrew set and do I get to pick the wines? Or the 25.00 groupon you get 3 bottle worth 25.00 apiece to equal the 75.00.

Tracy O.

Hi Garrett,

Shipping question: Is the issue that the shipping address must match that of the credit card information given? My problem is that I cannot receive packages at my apartment or office, so if I did it, I might have to get it shipped to someone else’s address. It sounds like this is not possible—correct?


Tracy O.

As a follow up to my previous question, do you know what shipping company you might use for Illinois? Is it possible to get it shipped to (for example) a UPS store instead of my address?

Karen M.

Will there sales tax if shipped to Illinois?

Nancy K.

Thanks for your patience with some of the questions. I was wondering if you know if any of your wines are gluten free. I am aware that most wines are, but occasionally whites from outside the United States sometimes use flour in their barrel.
Nancy K

robert m.


To add to Garrett’s comments, please be advised that wines are essentially gluten-free. There are some wine coolers that use barely malt and there are probably some “fortified” wines that are not gluten-free (depending on what they use to fortify the wines) but we don’t market any of those items. I have never seen anyone (domestic or foreign) use flour in a barrel. Hope this helps.

Be aware. Only one groupon per household per life time, even it is a different promotion! Suck!!! I bought one groupon from Barclay’s Wine in Sept and used it. Now, I bought another groupon from them, which is a different sale, it did not allow me to use it. Beware.

robert m.

Eleanor, I am sorry you were unable to use it—we do make very clear that it is one per customer. It is very expensive for us and the only way we can do this deal is to extend it to as many people as possible—which means first time customers only. If we didn’t do that, we couldn’t have offered it to you the first time. The good news is that you obviously thought it was a good deal—and the other thing is that you can most certainly give the groupon away or get a refund. Thanks and sorry for the misunderstanding.

Thomas E.

Fabulous service. Ordered wine on Monday. It was delivered in Missouri on Wednesday! 2 Days!

Jonathan L.

Customer service is horrible with this company and they have been less than helpful. Everytime I emailed them it would take days to get a response. Do not email customer service unless you have plenty of time to get a response…….

Jonathan L.

Customer service is horrible with this company and they have been less than helpful. Everytime I emailed them it would take days to get a response. Do not email customer service unless you have plenty of time to get a response…….

robert m.

I don’t know what your issues are but we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied. I can’t explain your situation without further information but we do focus on timely response to emails. One thing you could do is call us at 888-380-2337. We have real people answering the phones and they will promptly address your issue. Agaon, sorry for any problems.

Jonathan L.


Thank you for your response. However, to begin with, my name is spelled JoNathan. Please make sure to spell your customers names correctly, Second, I have tried to resolve this issue a few times and it has taken multiple emails. It would usually take 2-4 days for a response from your team. I have tried to work with your company. I hope others have a better experience.

robert m.

I am sorry but we really can’t help you if we don’t have additional information. I hope you decide to call us so we can solve your problem.

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