Dana B.

If I buy one and want to bring a partner with me, can we both use the same card (ie each go and it count for 2 classes?)

Genevieve B.

Do they still offer their first class free (as their site indicates) with this groupon?

Mandi G.

Hi! I’m Mandi, Head Dance Instructor for the school.

We will be glad to accept two people sharing the same card just as long as the original buyer is present.

Groupon holders are encouraged to take advantage of the first class for free when they join us for our night of Free Sample classes on Thursday, September 2nd.

It will actually be 3 or more sample classes for free that night including Beginner Swing, Beginner Rock n’ Roll and at least one more. Come on out!


Mandi G.

Oh, and the above Night of Free Sample classes is for Toronto.

In St. Catharines there will be a big Free Sample class for Beginner Swing on Monday, September 13th. If you have friends in the Niagara area, this is a great event to mention to them.

One other special note:
The Groupon deal is valid for all Beginner Classes so that includes Beginner Swing and Beginner Rock n’ Roll. Come September, that will be 6 classes a week on the schedule to choose from.

Fall 2010 – Toronto
Kicks off after Labour Day
- Beginner Rock n’ Roll Mondays at 6:30
- Beginner Rock n’ Roll Thursdays at 8pm
- Beginner Swing Mondays at 7:30
- Beginner Swing Tuesdays at 7pm
- Beginner Swing Wednesdays at 8pm
- Beginner Swing Thursdays at 6pm

We’re located right at Yonge & Bloor, above Starbucks.

(In St. Catharines we’ll have one Beginner Swing class a week on Mondays at 7pm.)
Beginner Swing Wednesdays


I plan to go for the August Thursday classes? Are there free sample class on the first night too? The groupon is for 6 classes so 2 classes it will obviously be carried into September. Is that corrrect?

Mandi G.

Hi Esther,

You can use your Groupon for the classes in August (4 weeks) and on September 2nd take the Free Sample Classes right in the middle to break it up. Then you’ll have 2 left to use in September.

The classes are also drop-in friendly so it’s no problem if you miss a week.




It sounds like you have to take an assortment of the beginner classes, as Mandi mentioned above, they are “sample” classes.
What if I’m interested in only the swing classes, can I use my groupon for 6 swing classes (plus the one free as the website states) or would I just be taking the same class each time and not learning anything new past the first one?

Mandi G.

The Groupon is not valid with any other offers so the usual ‘first class free’ doesn’t actually apply for Groupon holders, but the night of Free Sample Classes is open for everyone so that will make up for it.

Regarding the Beginner classes, it is not the same class over and over again:

There are 8 weeks of Beginner material so you will definitely progress and see tons of new material within your first 6 weeks of classes.

That said, the classes are also designed so that you can drop-in anytime and each class is welcoming to brand new people. It will simply be different moves each week, with a little bit of review thrown in as well.

After 8 weeks, students are considered prepared to move to the 1.5 level, though some students like to do a bit more of the Beginner level for practice.


Mandi, what about the Jazz Up your Lindi Hop class on Aug. 12 is it still a walk-in. Can we book our classes instead of walking-in to ensure a spot for us? Thanks.

Mandi G.

Great questions!

By drop-in friendly, it means that you can register the day of the class you want to attend, or attend sporadically if that’s what works better for your schedule, but yes you’ll want to register in advance even if it’s just a couple of hours before the class starts. You can use the online Registration form for that.

The Mini Workshops including the one on August 12th are not really designed for Beginners (they’re at the 1.5 level) but some quick learners might find them comfortable. You’ll want to take at least one or two of the Beginner classes first and see how it’s going before you jump into that one. Actually, of the Mini Workshops being offered in August, the other 3 would be easier to jump into than that one, but not impossible.

Kam B.

Does this groupon apply to the Blues Dancing classes as well?

Mandi G.

Hey James, why don’t you come out and try both a Beginner class and the 1.5 class. You might find that the 1.5 class is the right fit for you. The Intermediate class is pretty disciplined and will require having exposure to a lot of specifics, so for that one you might want to consider a private lesson to boost you right up to that point.

The Groupon is designed for the Beginner classes, but if you do pick up the Groupon and find the Beginner class too easy, we can accept it for the 1.5 instead.

Kam, the Groupon could be used for the Blues Dancing though that class is only really recommended for people with some previous partnered dance experience.


Hi, My name is Wenyi and I just accidentally bought two groupons as gifts for Denys Banakh, when what I really wanted to do was to buy one for myself and another one under his name. Can you please correct that? my email is qianhuiwenyi@gmail.com

Tom S.

Hey Wenyi,

Please contact support@groupon.com or call (877) 788-7858 and we’ll be able to take care of that for you!


Groupon Staff


How do we register for the free sample class, and what time does the one in Toronto start on September 2? Thanks.


i’m interested in the dance fitness classes- will there be of them in toronto before this groupon expires?

Mandi G.

For the night of Free Sample classes, we’re still firming up the schedule. Pre-registration will go up officially in early August.

For now, you can keep an eye on things on the Facebook event for it: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bees-Knees-Dance/131805371498?v=app_2344061033&ref=ts#!/event.php?eid=117631428285117&index=1

Ap, starting in September there will be 6 Beginner classes a week running weekly all year round (other than a 2 week break at Christmas) so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to use up the 6 classes. Here’s the full Toronto schedule:

Mandi G.

Ap, sorry. I missed that you asked about the fitness classes. Unfortunately the schedule is so booked right now that Dance Fitness will not be offered this fall. I can’t guarantee that it will be back in January either. It’s TBA, so I wouldn’t count on it. Sorry about that!


Does pre-registering guarantee a spot in the class? How will overbooking be handled? Thanks

F P.

Does the 1 per person limit mean I can only buy 1 in my name even though another person would be using it? I’m hesitant to use the gift option as I’m not sure who the other person would be.

Mandi G.

Pre-registration combined with punctuality does guarantee a spot in the class. That means that students need to arrive about 10 minutes before the class and be ready to start on time in order to get through that particular class.

If someone is late and they class is too full, the Groupon will still be accepted at a later day.

Hi F P. If you want to buy one as a gift and name the recipient “Friend TBA” or something like that, we will honour it for whoever the recipient ends up being. You can just contact us in advance to give us a heads up.


F P.

Thanks Mandi. This would means passes are non-transferrable?

Mandi G.

That’s right, though I do believe that sometimes life happens and exceptions can be made. In general, the pass is non-transferable, but I’m sure you’ll find us to be very real and accommodating. If there are some sort of extenuating circumstances that prevent you from continuing yourself and you contact us, we can arrange to make an exception.

Kathleen R.

I just tried to purchase two groupons, one for myself and one for my sister (as a gift). But for some reason BOTH groupons have HER name on it as the recipient, and my name is only listed as the gift-giver. What if I want to attend the class without her? Will I be able to use the pass, even though I am only listed as the one who purchased it (not the recipient)? If not, I’ll be really disappointed….

Mandi G.

Hey Kathleen, let’s see if Groupon can actually make the ‘official’ change. But otherwise, I have no problem accepting it. Just drop us a note and we’ll make sure to mark you down.

Ed G.

Hey Mandi…

Are the swing sessions for couples or just singles? I wanted to buy two for my girlfriend and myself but it would be more fun if we’d be learning to dance together.


Mandi G.

Hi Ed, since these are social dance classes we do always rotate so that everyone (partner or partnerless) feels welcome.

Couples still really have a really good time in the rotation. You can start out together and then each time you get back to each other in the rotation, you’ll see that you’ve both gotten a little bit better and it’s fun to see the progress each time you come around.

Then you can go out dancing together on a Saturday night to practice what you’ve learned. :)

Kathleen R.

Thanks Mandi. I just sent an email to Groupon support, so hopefully they will be able to make the change for me :)

Mel R.

Hi Mandi,
I didn’t actually realize that purchasing the groupons in my name would mean that I couldn’t give them to someone else. I live 3 hours away from Toronto and (unfortunately!!!) can’t very practically use them myself, but I had not decided who they would be a gift for at the time of purchase. My intention was just to print out the groupons and give them to the recipients when I decide who they are would work best for. Can I do this?


thanks Tom :)

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