This is seriously a great deal! :)

Hi Elisa,
Thank You!

Emily G.

We are thrilled that so many people are excited about this deal! Can’t wait to see you all in yoga class. :)

Cynthia E.

I can’t wait to try this. Can I let my husband take one of the classes? And what would he wear?

Hi Cynthia,

Today’s Groupon is non-transferable. All five classes have to be taken by the same person. Your husband would have to purchase his own Groupon. The great thing about today’s Groupon is that there is no expiration on when you have to complete all 5 classes as long as you go into one of the studios within 6 months to receive your class pass.

What you should wear to class: Women should wear shorts or thin cotton leggings and leotard, jog bra or halter top. Men should wear shorts and bathing trunks (no bikinis). Since the room is heated, you want to wear something that you feel comfortable sweating in.

Hi Kim,

Yes you can. Just as long as you activate it before the October expiration.

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